Zankyou Personal Wedding Website and Gift List Service

Working out what to include on a gift list can be a time consuming task, especially considering the sheer range of options now available to couples wanting to move away from traditional gift lists!

Zankyou Personal Wedding Website and Gift List Service

Zankyou is Europe’s leading online wedding gift list service and their website is available in eight different languages and in over eighteen countries. You can easily create your own gift list with the gifts you want, whether they are from Zankyou’s catalogue of gift ideas or a list created by yourselves. There is also no limit to what you can list.


If you are looking for something a little different, you can even create a honeymoon gift list and create travel stages to inform the guests of your planned honeymoon. Allow your guests to fund your exploration of Europe or your journey to Asia. Where do you want to go? The sky really is your limit!


Your honeymoon gift list can be as general or as specific as you please. You can customize your honeymoon fund down to the very smallest details. Your guests will take great pleasure from the fact that their contribution is specifically paying for a romantic meal in Cancún, park tickets to Disneyland or snorkelling in the Caribbean.

As well as a honeymoon gift list you could ask your guests to donate to various other things such as a new car fund, home improvement fund or even a charity fund if you feel like you already have everything you need!


You can also create and personalise your own wedding website completely free, adding details about your wedding day and any pre-wedding events.

Quick and easy to create, the web link is then passed onto family and friends allowing them to go online and check out times, locations, recommended hotels and whatever else you want to include. They can RSVP, write comments and donate to your gift list while they’re there too. Everything your guests need for your wedding in one place!

Sign up for Zankyou today at and start planning your big day the right way!

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