Your Wedding Cake To Do List

We’re so pleased to introduce the first guest post (with lots of sound advice!) from our newest member of the Aspirational Bride team, over to Jaclyn from Ivory and Rose

Hello and welcome to my first wedding cake post for Aspirational Bride! I am very excited to be here and guiding you through your once in a lifetime wedding cake experience.

Your wedding cake is going to remain in your memories long after it has been eaten and it is one of the most ‘on show’ elements of the day. All your guests will photograph it and cutting the cake is one of the first acts you do as a married couple. Goodness! After all that, no wonder you want it to be… well, perfect!

So what I want to do for you over the coming months is to break down each element of your cake into bite size pieces so that you are fully prepared and know exactly what you want when you attend your first wedding cake consultation.

Your Wedding Cake To Do List

Over the next few posts I will be sharing with you some of the things you should be considering, and I am going to do them in priority order.

Your Wedding Cake To Do List

Begin by making a little “Wedding Cake To Do list” on your big “Wedding To Do list” and over the coming months, we will add to it, bit-by-bit until you are full prepared and ready to munch on some scrummy cake.

Lets get a move on then!

Today’s first items to think about, even if it seems obvious, is what look, style or feel would you like for your day and how this works with your wedding cake. I’m not jumping straight into the design of your cake, that post is coming to you soon, I’m talking about your day as a whole. Not the tiny details, but the bigger picture…

Your Wedding Cake To Do List

As we are moving into the colder months, are you in love with an all white Christmas look? Or does a more rustic feel excite you? Or maybe the very chic “Great Gatsby” style is just right for you.

Your Wedding Cake To Do List

When you imagine your wedding cake on display for all your guests, imagine it fitting in with the overall style of your day, subtlety blending in while still creating the all important wow factor.

Write this sentence at the top of your “Wedding cake to do list”:

“When I imagine the wedding reception room and my wedding cake on display, it looks like…”

There are a few items I want you to think about when considering the style of your wedding cake. Jot these down too:

  1. Think about what is important to you.
  2. Think about parties or friends weddings, what did you like about the cake from those?
  3. This leads to, what don’t you want from your wedding cake?
  4. And finally – what do you want your guests to say about your cake?

Your Wedding Cake To Do List

We would love to hear what your wedding cake vision is. Pop a comment below…

Don’t forget to share this post with a friend! It always makes planning so much more fun.

Till next time,

Jacs x

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