Word for the Year 2014

believe2014 is well and truly here, and this year I’m hoping things will be a little different! I’m leaving New Year’s resolutions behind (too many broken ones!) and am taking a different approach – a word for the year 2014!

I saw this on a couple of great blogs recently – Zoe Grant’s blog  A very Busy Mother and Emily Quinton’s blog The Start-up Wife, and thought it was a clever idea!

The task of choosing a word has been much harder than I thought, I wanted something which could really make a difference to me (and to those around me) for 2014.

I’ve finally found a word which encapsulates where I am now and where I want to be – BELIEVE.

Like many people I am often plagued by self-doubt. Add to this an extremely generous dose of common sense (possibly too much!), and I seem to firmly remain in my comfort zone. I also have a slightly pessimistic outlook at times, and have an uncanny ability of talking myself out of doing things, because they won’t work out, because they aren’t practical and, more often than not, because some problem, disaster or unavoidable occurrence will happen to prevent me from doing them…

So 2014 will be the year I believe, in myself, my dreams and my plans. Nothing happens in isolation, so along with BELIEVE I’m adding two equally important words plan (ahead…) and trust (that things will be OK!) – a kind of support network of skills to help me along the way!

You may wonder how this fits in with Aspirational Bride…Well, I’ve some exciting plans for 2014 and have already started to put them into practise… If you are reading this post as a wedding supplier or as a bride-to-be, then I wish you a wonderful 2014 – and hope that you too will believe in yourself, your dreams and aspirations, aim high, feel the fear and do it anyway!

What would your word for 2014 be…?


Editor and Wedding Stylist 

Aspirational Bride

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  1. Zoe Grant says:

    This is such a great choice of word and I am sure it will help you to achieve many amazing things this year.

    Wishing you a fabulous 2014

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