Why An E-Shoot Is Great

So, you’ve been really organised; you’ve booked your perfect venue, chosen ‘The Dress’ and booked all your favourite suppliers well ahead including your photographer. For a little while it seems you can now relax but even the most organised of couples find that the little things take up so much time and energy……..

So, wouldn’t you actually love to have an hour or two out of that busy schedule just for you and your fiancé where time can stand still for a while and you can have a little bit of romance to remind you just why you’re getting married?

Yes, I thought so and that’s one of the great things about an e-shoot – it’s a couple of hours of quality time for you and……….


Preparation, Preparation……..Why an e-shoot is great

It’s also a great opportunity to get to know your photographer a little better and get some vital practice at being ‘in front of the lens’ – very few people are natural in front of a camera.

Tell me more……..What should I expect on an e-shoot?

My own style is very observational telling the story of your day as it happens and I don’t normally give a lot of direction during the actual day, preferring to capture the moments as they happen. On an e-shoot it’s still very relaxed but we can spend some time going over tips on how to relax, look comfortable and of course enjoy the romance and spontaneity of the moment.

Of course each couple and photographer will differ in style and some e-shoots are highly stylised. I have couples who fly in from Hong Kong and Singapore for a pre-wedding shoot who want the combination of relaxed and unscripted with more stylised images. These shoots are often a day or more and involve dress changes, stylists and make-up artists.

So how is this all achieved? My mantra of ‘be inspired…be you’, is really important in achieving great results. I do my e-shoots on locations so we’ll normally start with a coffee and a catch up before heading out.

I normally shoot initially from quite a distance allowing you just to wander through a favourite area and take in the atmosphere rather than thinking about me and as you get more comfortable I may get a little closer or capture a few more intimate moments like sharing a kiss by the riverbank or holding hands as you wander through a beautiful garden.

Essentially I help you to be yourself – during your e-shoot and ultimately on your wedding day. So, if you are gregarious and spontaneous, and love to dance through the city streets as one of my couples did that’s fine but if you’re an introvert who would rather take a stroll through a private garden that’s also fine.

It’s all about you and what you want and what makes you feel most comfortable. What I do find however is that even the most shy of people will start to relax as they realise that they can have fun without a forced smile in front of the camera.

The result is you’re totally at ease about being in front of the camera and I have got a unique insight into how you interact with each other and the type of images that you love and that really ‘speak’ to you.


Location, Location, Location…..Great places for an e-shoot

There are so many places that are great for an e-shoot. I personally don’t use a studio but occasionally I will capture a couple in their home or their garden or even at their venue. Here are a few other thoughts on great places to have your e-shoot:

Urban Glamour: The UK and Europe are awash with great cities with amazing architecture that can be used as a backdrop to your day. My favourites are London, Cambridge, Paris, Venice and Florence.

Pretty Countryside: In summer you have the wheat fields and riverside, the light nights and warmth; in winter the country side is laid bare, but still beautiful as leafless trees open up the landscape and late afternoon light can be almost ethereal.

Stunning Coastline: What more can I say? You can ride your horses along the beach in Norfolk,, surf the waves in Cornwall (although this may be a bit more challenging to capture) or recreate a Jack Vettriano scene on the beach; the possibilities are endless.

Get the Look……….What should we wear?

There isn’t an expectation for you you to dress up in any particular way unless you want to. However what I would say is that this is a great opportunity for being able to have fun with a bit of dressing up!

You might be quite conservative and opt for dark jeans and white shirts or you may just accentuate your normal look with styled hair and make-up, again the possibilities are endless and each couple I have photographed has been different from dress down jeans and wellingtons, smart dress and Chanel pumps to one couple who memorably had two dress changes and three shoe changes – flats are better if you are walking across cobbles!

Thanks for the memories………….Beautiful Images

Finally, when your e- shoot is completed it’s time for your photographer to process your images. I normally process the images from the day and then upload them to a secure gallery for the couple to view.

Depending on the type of product that the couple has chosen this may include a USB of as high resolution digital images ready to print or maybe a beautiful album. Either way, the aim is for each couple to have a set of timeless beautiful portraits to remember such a romantic time…..



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