Wedding Table Plan Ideas

We’re so pleased to introduce the third in a series of posts (with lots of great advice on the minefield which is wedding table plans!) from Lisa of The Card Gallery. Over to Lisa…

Many wedding couples tell us how much they worry about working out their wedding table plan in the weeks leading up to their special day.

Here we share some hints and tips that we’ve gained over the past 10 years which we hope will alleviate some of those stresses…

Wedding Table Plan Ideas

There’s no right / wrong way to layout out a table plan…

There are traditional ways of laying out a table plan, but no right or wrong ways – lay your table plan out in the best way to suit you and your family circumstances. Below is the layout of a traditional table plan…


But you may want to consider an alternative layout such as…


If your parents or your partner’s parents are divorced or remarried then the layouts below may be of help…


Grooms-parents-divorced-and-remarriedYou may want to consider not having a top table, a few ideas to think about and discuss are:-

A table for 2, for you and your partner to enjoy some quality time.

Have table for 4 with your best man and chief bridesmaid.

A table for you and your children.

Set 2 extra seats at each table and move around between courses, allowing you to mingle more with your guests.

Now you’ve organised your top table, layout the rest of your table plan…

Hopefully the above information has helped you decide on a layout for your top table, here are some tips for organising the rest of your tables:-

Sitting guests male, female, male, female around the table is traditional.

Sit close friends and family on the tables closest to the bride and groom.

Consider putting people together who know each other well – the average wedding breakfast lasts around 2 hours so you want people to get on.

You may wish to seat guests with children around the edge of the room or in an area which has more space (incase of pushchairs) and to allow them to move more easily between courses.

Wedding place cards will help guests to find their seats more easily.

Why not consider table names rather than table numbers, name each table after something special to you both, places you’ve been, favourite music etc.

Consider whether you will make your own table plan or have one printed. Many stationery companies can often produce a plan much faster than making one yourself. Whichever option you decide, use a clear font and try and to make names as large as possible. Here’s an example of a finished printed table plan…


Good luck!

Lisa  x

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