Wedding Planning Top Tip – Delegate, Delegate, Delegate!

Today Star Photo Booth share some important tips on organising your big day, their most important Wedding Planning Top Tip – delegate, delegate, delegate! Over to Star Photo Booth to provide some sound advice and useful tips…

Once you have the budget confirmed and a date in the diary for your wedding, the next thing you will have to get to grips with is probably the most important lesson of all – you can’t do everything on your own!

Wedding Planning Top Tip – Delegate, Delegate, Delegate!

Yes it’s great to be able to say that the planning was all down to you but if you have a team around you and something goes drastically wrong then you’ll at least have someone to point the finger at and take all the blame, right? Wrong!

Sorry to say, the responsibility’s yours so it’s best to surround yourself with your most trusted family and friends who have a ‘can do’ attitude and are willing to go the extra mile (or at least to the printer!) to make your wedding happen as you want it to, and have the perfect day you’ve dreamed of!


Ideally you will want volunteers rather than turning to bribery or blackmail but hey, whatever gets the job done! Actually the best recruitment method is an honest ‘I need help to put this wedding together and I would really like you to help me.’ This generally works best –but hold a tray of cupcakes as you say it anyway!

Make a list of tasks which will need done such as choosing a theme, researching, costing and booking suppliers, writing a guest list, designing invitations and sending them out, reception table plans (make sure you group the right people on the right tables), entertainment, a photo booth for that extra pizazz and a fun guest experience (naturally you’ll want a Star Photo Booth!), menu ideas and so on…


Delegate tasks according to whom you think is best suited to take them on and sell it to them rather than ask ‘who would like to do this?’ Remember your job is to be on top of the planning, not immersed in it!

Set a weekly schedule time for either a face to face catch up or call with your family and friends and make sure they’re accountable for their particular role within it. See, it’s all coming together. You’re on your way to a wedding of epic proportions and you haven’t even broken a sweat…yet!

Above all, remember our Wedding Planning Top Tip – delegate, delegate, delegate!

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Carol x

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