Why Finding a Wedding Makeup Artist at an Early Stage is Important

Wedding Makeup Artist Tip: Find one early on. Here's how to get the best results.

We recently talked about DIY wedding makeup ideas, but many brides opt for the professional approach. Here, Sarah Meredith gives us advice for getting the most pleasing results on your big day. Thank you to Sarah for collaborating on as well as providing information and client photos for this post. ~Bobette

For any bride her wedding day is important. In most cases, it is the most important day of her life. A special day, so, naturally a bride wants to look her best.

As a result, more brides are turning to professionals to help them to achieve a beautiful and flawless look. Demand for wedding hair and makeup in Manchester, and most other places in the UK, has soared because modern brides are willing to invest time and money to get the look that they want. In most cases, that means finding and hiring a good makeup artist.

Most brides are delighted with the results. There is no doubt that hiring a professional is the best way to get a great look. Professional makeup artists can achieve amazing results making the bride look as good as any A list celebrity or star.

However, some brides do end up a little disappointed. This is usually because they cannot achieve exactly the look they are after.

Wedding Makeup Artist Tips for Achieving a Personal Fit

Sometimes a bride is discouraged because she sets her heart on a look she cannot achieve or that is simply not right for her. A good makeup artist will sit down with you well in advance of your wedding, go through what you are looking for, and discuss how achievable that look is.

They will take into account the shape of your face, your bone structure, your current look, your age and the type of dress you will be wearing. With this information, they will work out if the look you think that you want is achievable. If it is not they will explain why that is, then work with you to come up with an alternative that you are happy with. They will suggest alternative looks that will work just as well for you.

The sooner you sit down and have this conversation with your makeup artist the better.

Flattering Hair Length and Style

It may be that if you have your hair styled differently the look you really want can be achieved, which may mean that you need time to grow your hair out a bit. Of course, you can use extensions, but you will still need to know this in advance. This will allow you to put aside the money you need and to find a hairdresser in your area that has the necessary experience to do the extensions.

Impeccable Skin Care

The condition of your skin will also be an important factor in whether you can achieve the look you are after. If you see your makeup artist well in advance of your wedding he or she can advise you about skin care.

This will give you time to have any treatments that they recommend done well in advance of your wedding day. That way, if you should have an adverse reaction your skin will have sufficient time to recover and settle down again before your big day.

Starting a special skin care regime early will also help to ensure that you really do look your best on your wedding day. The better condition your skin is in the easier it will be for the makeup artist to achieve great results.

Begin working with your makeup artist early; take care of your skin; and pay attention to your total look, including hairstyle and length, and you will achieve the look you aspire to on your wedding day.

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