Wedding Cake Portion Sizes

We’re so pleased to introduce this third guest post (with lots of sound advice on wedding cake portion sizes!) from our newest member of the Aspirational Bride team, over to Jaclyn from Ivory and Rose… 

Today’s ‘Wedding Cake’ post is all about cake portion sizes. It’s a short and sweet post, but an important one nonetheless.

We aren’t going to jump straight into tier sizes and number of tiers because first you need to determine the size of slice you would like to give guests. Having an idea of this before going into your consultation will make sure you will have enough cake for all your guests.

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Wedding Cake Portion Sizes

The small slice – 1’ x 1’

Fruitcake is a very moist, dense and rich cake which is best served as a 1’x1’ slice. If you are a big fan that doesn’t mean that you can’t slice it up bigger, but not everyone is, and after all the rich delicious food eaten during the day it might be a bit much!

 The bigger slice – 2’ x 1′

Sponge cake is better served as a 2’x1’ slice, because it is a lighter cake.

Some cake designers will suggest a 1’x1’ sponge slice and some sponges can be cut up that small, but having spoken to both wedding venues and pastry chefs it can be very difficult to slice a sponge cake into 1’x1’ slices.

It can also come off as a little stingy* to guests or you may find you don’t have enough cake to go around. That doesn’t mean the cake designer is wrong in suggesting it, it just needs to be your decision about how much cake you would like to serve your guests.

The monster slice – 2’ x 2’

This is double the slice of the sponge slice above and if you are substituting the dessert course in the wedding breakfast for a slice of cake, then this is the recommended size.  It is a very large slice of cake.

*Stingy – In this image I have drawn on the underside of a cake board that the cake sits on. It is to show you what a tier should look like when it is sliced up.

wedding cake, portion, size guide, ivory and rose, wedding cake portion sizes

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Till next time,

Jacs x

wedding cake, portion, size guide, ivory and rose, wedding cake portion sizes

A handy tip, if you don’t have an experienced person to slice up your cake:

Make sure you have a spare damp cloth to hand and use a long sharp serrated knife. When cutting don’t just push down, use a backward and forward sawing motion working slowly down the cake. Between each cut, clean the blade with the damp cloth. Having a damp cloth means the cake wont stick to the blade and tear as you move downwards. Be gentler with carrot & fruitcakes.

Editor’s Note:  Jaclyn has a wealth of knowledge and expertise and you might like to read her previous posts on cake flavours and a wedding cake ‘to-do-list‘ too!  Carol x

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