Wedding Attire For The Mother Of The Bride

As mother of the bride you will have a key and pivotal role during your daughter’s wedding day. You will be meeting and greeting guests and overseeing that everything runs smoothly. Choosing an outfit which you feel confident in is very important, so here are a few tips to help you find something that will make you look fantastic and perfectly suit such a special occasion!


Weddings are much more likely to go according to plan when everyone works together and liaises with each other. This is important when choosing your wedding outfit, so talk to the bride, bridesmaids, and mother of the groom to achieve a cohesive look which will work for the photographs and with the overall theme and colour scheme of the wedding.

Once you have chosen your own outfit, let your family and the mother of the groom know what you plan to wear. This will hopefully avoid anyone turning up in clashing colours or, even worse, wearing something far too similar!

mother of the bride


Sometimes it is all too easy to go a bit overboard, and move out of your comfort zone by choosing a style which you don’t normally wear… Remember that you want to feel confident during the day and stick to shapes which you know work for you – this is not the time to experiment with a totally new look! When in doubt, ask a longstanding and trusted friend for a second opinion.


Come up with a palette of colour preferences but avoid white, cream or ivory. Also avoid colours which will clash with the wedding theme, and don’t under any circumstance dress to match your daughters bridesmaids!

mother of the bride


Whatever you choose to wear you will have a long and very busy day ahead, rushing around and chatting to guests. As well as looking good, you need to feel good. Steer clear of uncomfortable shoes or an outfit which constantly needs ‘adjusting’ย and opt for something that makes you look and feel great.

Dresses designed by Ian Stuart.

You can read our exclusive interview with Ian here.

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  1. Anne Furbank says:

    This is great advice for mothers of the bride! What might be worth adding is to keep an open mind too. Take plenty of time on your shopping trip and try lots of different things on, otherwise you may discount something that really suits you, & some outfits just don’t have ‘hanger appeal’. Above all, enjoy yourself, it’s a good opportunity to have some shopping fun!

  2. Hi there! I’ve noticed that the featured image you’re using for this post is of my clients (redhead bride and mother in blue), who have signed a model release for their images to only be used on my website. With respect – please remove this image from your post. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Tiwatha says:

    Love the dress

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