Vintage Flowers For A Classic Wedding

Great British Florist are florists on a farm, – part of The Duchy Estate in Herefordshire. They grow their own flowers, (actually Farmer Phil does!) and use a network of specialist British Producers throughout the UK. This gives them a year round sustainable supply, and a huge variety.

Sadly only 10% of the flowers sold in Britain are actually grown here, and Great British Florist are on a mission to change all that. Today they introduce their beautiful vintage posy…

Vintage Flowers For A Classic Wedding

Over the years we seem to have distanced ourselves a lot from nature. However, a new revival of vintage fashion alongside hugely popular TV shows such as Downton Abbey has sparked everyone’s interest in bringing something vintage back into our lives. But hang on a minute; didn’t nature play a big part in life, even as recently as 50 years ago? Shouldn’t we be using seasonal flowers as they did?

Vintage Flowers For A Classic Wedding

If you’re one of many immerging and loyal vintage fans, you’ll know that authenticity can make or break a vintage piece or experience. Think about your flowers… In the ‘good old days’, wedding flowers were often picked locally, and you could obviously only use what was in season.  If you’d love to keep up the tradition of using home-grown flowers, what about a vintage posy for your special day?

Vintage Flowers For A Classic Wedding

One of the best things about our vintage posy is that no posy is ever the same, so it will be unique to you and your wedding. Our vintage posy uses only flowers that are in season, which means that although you know roughly what your posy will look like, we can surprise you with flower species and added bits of colour especially for you.  The flowers in our posies are also left intact, so you’ll be surrounded by the lovely scents of each flower as you walk down the aisle, posy in hand.

A vintage posy from Great British Florist looks beautiful and contrasts with your wedding dress without taking attention from the most important element of the wedding, you. It’s small and discrete and the mixed colours make it easy to carry and work for any wedding.

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