Vintage Edwardian Downton Abbey Wedding

Vintage Edwardian Downton Abbey Wedding –

Along with about 12 million other people, we’re delighted here at Aspirational Bride to see the return of the hugely successful Downton Abbey! It doesn’t seem so long ago we were treated to the stunning wedding of Matthew and Lady Mary (how things have changed for her now!), and many gorgeous period costumes too.

Lady Mary’s 1920’s wedding dress had been a long awaited and closely guarded secret. As we got our first glimpse of it we saw she had opted for a sumptuous yet simple late Edwardian style, with just a glimpse of 1920’s fashion creeping in. Her dress was essentially a lace tabard fabric going into a train at the back. Underneath was a silk dress with silk sleeves. The lace went into a ‘V’ at the back with tiny buttons, completely edged with rice pearls and Swarovski crystal.


We also witnessed a more poignant storyline featuring the eagerly anticipated wedding of Lady Edith. The dress created for Lady Edith was set off with an antique wedding train and hand stitched appliqué of intricate silver embroidery and crystals which drew in the dress at the hip.


So how could you go about recreating some Downton Abbey influences for your own wedding…

  • Wear laced wedding boots – a stylish and practical idea, especially for winter weddings!
  • Opt for intricate lace detail on your wedding dress, very vintage and highly fashionable at present.
  • Drop hints (!) you’d love an Edwardian, or Edwardian inspired engagement ring, again with a very intricate design.
  • Send vintage wedding invitations, this Victorian design is by American Bella Baroque Design, but there are many UK designers who will work on a similar commission.
  • Choose an Edwardian inspired wedding cake, showing the same attention to laced/stitched detail as the wedding dresses of the era.
  • Wear an antique or vintage inspired headdress, no doubt Lady Mary’s would have been handed down through the generations!

Vintage Edwardian Downton Abbey Wedding

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  1. I loved reading your blog piece on Downton and vintage Edwardian weddings. The trend for all things vintage is wonderful at the moment. There are just so many styles of dresses, accessories and shoes that will fill this category. You only have to type Downton into Pintrest and its like a spider across the screen. Love the blog piece keep it up xxx

    • Thank you Jayne, really enjoyed writing it and researching it too! Such a beautiful and elegant era with constantly evolving fashion, fascinating! Thanks for the follows and likes too, love your ‘Elegant Steps’ Pinboards!

  2. In The Greenaway Houshold our Sunday nights would never be the same without Downton and we particularly love all the vintage clothes and accessories that accompany each episode from shoes and boots to gorgeous headbands and tiaras all of which are very popular today.
    Great blog ,look forward to much more.

  3. Just picking up from what Peter has said. The past few years has definitely been vintage inspired and most of that has got have been Dowton Abbey popularity, but I think we are seeing a shift away now and its going to be very interesting to see what 2015 brings.

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