Valentine’s Day Styled Shoot

Today we are delighted to feature a wonderful rich Valentine’s Day Styled Shoot from Katherine Courtney Weddings.

Here’s what they had to say about their shoot:

‘The vision behind the shoot originates with the traditional Victorian Valentine greeting card shown here. We wanted to create a table that incorporated the traditional elements of a Valentines celebration, but in a fresh modern way.

It was important for us to create a sumptuous table and not fall into traditional festive clichés.  

As Valentine’s Day falls within the winter period, we enjoyed being able to make use of velvety fabrics and deeper hued roses. Garnet, cerise, burgundy and winter ivory were accented by silver accent pieces. Floral displays incorporated  fruit varieties, to include blueberries, cherries and strawberries. Fruit can be an easy and cost effective way of personalising a centre piece and help make the display fresh and bespoke. The Victorians themselves would often use fruit as a way of adornment so we enjoyed being able to incorporate that tradition in our shoot. 

No Valentine’s Day party would be complete without the necessary array of sweets and treats, and our table surely did not miss out. Sweetheart cupcakes, chocolates wrapped in shiny foils, cookies and delicious cake complete the table and make for a festive setting.’

Valentine’s Day Styled Shoot

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Katherine Courtney Weddings Style Tips:

Don’t be afraid to use different shades of the same tonal colour.  We used several shades of red and they each complimented each other to create a warm ambiance.

Be creative with sourcing your ornamental décor.  Our mosaic, candelabra hearts were actually sourced from a Christmas ornament supplier.

Do use mis-matched glassware – it creates a unique setting and can serve as a talking-point.

Do use fruit and berries as a fun way to personalise table settings and centre-pieces; it’s inexpensive, abundant and original.

Shoot Suppliers:

Photographer: Steve Davies of filmcafe –

Props: Lisa Baldwin of J’aime Beaucoup –

Flowers: Chelsea Owen Flowers in Shropshire

Gowns: Hannah Wilkins-Webb –

Cakes: Elizabeth Solaru of Elizabeth Cake Emporium –

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