Top Wedding Favour Ideas

Providing wedding favours remains a popular tradition throughout the UK, however most people aren’t aware that this custom is in fact centuries old. It is believed that wedding favours originated amongst the French aristocracy and were originally called Bonbonnieres.

Bonbonnieres were a small gift given to guests at society weddings. They would usually be put in a small box made of crystal or precious material, and contain sweet treats or sugared almonds. Sugar was always considered a luxury due to its cost, it was a rare and valuable commodity.


The wedding favour tradition then spread across Europe and was considered auspicious for the guests and bride and groom. Nowadays wedding favours are more varied, and can be personalised to suit everyone and anyone!

Top Wedding Favour Ideas

Unique Ornaments

Unique ornaments are a popular choice at weddings, check out these glittered bird clips which not only look beautiful but are perfect to clip onto glassware, napkins or even put into beautiful organza bags. You can also personalise these by writing your guests name on them, which adds that extra special touch!


Sweets and Chocolates

Sweets and chocolates are always a very popular choice amongst weddings as they are simple and easy to source, but can also add colour and sophistication to your table. If you know your guests well enough then you can even make sure they have their favourite sweet treats at their table. Vintage or retro sweets are also very popular amongst all ages!

Lottery Tickets

What better way to show your loved ones how much they mean to you then by spreading a little luck their way? Lottery tickets and scratch cards are becoming a real wedding favourite, and might just make their memories of your special day all the more amazing if they’re lucky enough to have a win!

Children’s Toys

When thinking about wedding favour ideas, don’t forget about the children, especially if they have helped out with the job of flower girl or page boy! Finding the perfect children’s toy is easy, and also has the added bonus of keeping the little ones occupied during the speeches!


Scented Soaps

A great way to thank your guests for spending their day with you is by providing them with scented soaps. Not only do these add delicate fragrance and colour to your reception table, but they are also a practical gift for your guests, who can go home and indulge in some ‘me’ time.

Personalised Biscuits

Personalised biscuits are a great option, you can either decorate the biscuit yourself or add a small tag with your names on and let your guests enjoy a little treat after the wedding breakfast.

Wedding favours are a great way to show your guests just how much you appreciated them celebrating your big day with you, so go ahead, gift them a little treat! If you want some more fantastic ideas, check out the wedding ideas from Balloons by Up, Up & Away, you’re sure to be tempted!

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