Top 3 Engagement Ring Customisation Considerations

In today’s modern world, one in three women are said to have chosen their own engagement ring, while 75% regret not having some input into such an important purchase.Daily Mail

Directions for how to approach designing a custom engagement ring. #AspirationalBride

Planning a trip to find the perfect ring for you can be one of the most thrilling experiences of getting engaged, and sets you up for the excitement of planning the rest of your lives together. To make the day even more special, why not have your ring custom designed? Working with quality ring designers such as Simon Wright, who kindly sponsored this post and creates fabulous pieces from his London workshop, can bring your unique vision of the perfect ring to life. To do this, though, you will have to know the relevant lingo so that your designer will know exactly what you want.

1) Colour of the Band

a) “White.” The most popular ring bands to choose from are white gold, silver and platinum. White gold, which is man-made and requires regular re-plating, is a particular favourite.

b) “Rose.” If you are looking for something a little bit different, why not opt for rose gold? Its soft features will give your ring a delicate feel that you won’t experience with regular gold.

c) “Yellow.” Yellow gold is another option and can be a nice choice for a more traditional look.

A modern choice is to choose two metals–rose and white or yellow and white–to incorporate into your ring’s design.

2) The Precious Stone

Custom sapphire engagement ring with side diamonds. Jeweller: Simon Wright, London #AspirationalBride

2a) Number of gems. The next thing to consider is how many stones you would like incorporated into the design. A single solitaire, three-stone setting, multiple accent gems, or a combination?

2b) Type of stone(s). Diamonds are the obvious choice, however, sapphires and other coloured gems are now being incorporated or used as the main feature. Why not mix and match?

2c) Low vs. high profile. Once the number and type of gemstones have been decided, you will need to choose whether you would prefer your stone embedded within the band, or sitting in a clasp. If you are more of a “bigger is better” kind of girl, then a high sitting stone is the one for you.

3) The Cut

Nine most popular cut diamond shapes...princess, cushion, heart, pear, marquise, radiant, asscher, emerald, oval | Photo: Paul Noillimrev #AspirationalBride

Source: Paul Noillimrev

The shape of the main stone is another important decision. A circular diamond gives off a classic feel.  If you are looking for that extra wow factor, a more modern square might be more your style. Or choose a different cut to suit your unique personality. Here, research is important since your hand size and skin tone will determine which looks best on you.

Final Considerations

Don’t forget to always obtain a certificate of authenticity as well as taking out a relevant insurance policy. Some rings require re-plating every six months or so, so investing in insurance that includes this will save you a fair bit in the long run; as well as keeping your ring in mint condition.

Thanks again to Simon Wright Jewellery for sponsoring this post.

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  1. It is not an easy choice. Good luck! My choice is yellow gold with diamonds in pear shape.

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