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Aspirational Bride, top UK wedding blog, reviews The DIY Wedding Manual.‘The DIY Wedding Manual’ recently landed on our desk at Aspirational Bride HQ.

It’s published as part of the widely respected ‘How To Books’ series and is a compact and comprehensive book, very easy to dip in and out of. We think it works well as a great ‘starter’ book for couples planning a wedding on a tight budget.

If you don’t have a particularly limited budget you might benefit from using some of the tips to free up your budget for areas where you want to allocate extra funds such as the crucial ‘big four’ – venue, dress, photographer and honeymoon!

The message contained within ‘The DIY Wedding Manual’ book is that it really is possible to create your own special dream wedding day by doing it yourself.

The book contains lots of tips and money saving ideas for just about every area of your wedding planning including stationery, venue, flowers, transport and many more! We particularly liked the face that each section has ‘Budget Busters’ and ‘Real Bride’s Tips’.

As the author, Lisa Sodeau, herself says:

‘When I got married in 2008 I learned the hard way. I realised once my beautiful invites had arrived that I could have made them myself had I been more organised, or had I known how to, I could have saved more money by making my own bouquet’s. I did pick up some great advice along the way and saved some money, like getting married on a Friday instead of a Saturday, but I wish I knew all the cost cutting secrets I know now!’

If you would like to purchase this book, then we recommend Amazon. Simply click on the link below to be transported to the wonderful world of DIY weddings!

The Diy Wedding Manual : How to Create Your Perfect Day Without a Celebrity Budget

Sodeau, Lisa


ISBN 10: 1845284054 / 1-84528-405-4
ISBN 13: 9781845284053
Publication Date: 2010

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