Succulent Flowers Wedding Trend 2014

succulent-flowers-key-wedding-trendsAt Aspirational Bride we love finding the latest wedding trends. There is always a sense of excitement as we find a new trend or influence which we predict will make an impact on wedding themes and styling! Some trends are short-lived and others have real longevity (beyond ‘trend’ status!)  – anyone remember when the whole vintage wedding theme was dubbed a short-lived nostalgic ‘trend’!?

Today we take our inspiration from America. It is well known that the American bridal industry is six months ahead of us, and many of their key trends cross the Atlantic a season or two later.

Succulent Flowers Wedding Trend 2014

Succulents have become increasingly popular for American wedding styling, and already this influence is being felt in the UK.

Fresh from wonderful mother nature, succulents are long-lasting, juicy and tender additions to almost any area of your wedding theme. With complete versatility succulents come in a wide variety of shapes, textures, and colors, and are perfect for summer weddings! They are also very versatile and can be used to create a contemporary bouquet, or incorporated into more traditional flower bouquets or boutonnieres. As with all floral designs, they are also perfect for incorporating into table settings, wedding favors  – and even stationery!

Luscious Succulents – Bouquets

Four gorgeous designs, each completely different and showing the versatility of succulents when used in your wedding bouquet. Bottom right image by Elizabeth Taylor Frandson Photography.


Luscious Succulents – Boutonnieres

Cool, contemporary and sophisticated designs for a seriously high impact boutonnieres.


Luscious Succulents – Versatility

We just love these ideas, cute table settings, wedding favors  – and a gorgeous ring shot! Number ‘4’ table setting image from Anna Be, gorgeous ring image from Tamiz Photography.



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