Shoe Colour Matching For Brides and Bridesmaids

Today we are talking about shoe colour matching for brides and bridesmaids.

Matching colours can be time consuming and notoriously difficult and one option is to have your shoes professionally coloured by The Shoe Colour Studio.

shoe colour studio

We love ‘The Colour Studio’ from The Rainbow Club. They have made the process simple and efficient, here’s what you need to do:

♥ Select your shoes from one of their dyeable collections (see below for some of their gorgeous designs!)

♥ Select your size and nearest store and then have your items delivered into them through the Click & Collect service.

♥ Collect your shoes from your selected stockist once you have received the email notification that they have been received. This will ensure that you get the right size and fit in the style you love. If you find that the size is not quite right, you can return them directly using the free post return bag.

♥ Give The Shoe Studio a call and they will dispatch a colour pack to your address. This pack will explain the service and allow you to attach a swatch to the order form. Include a cheque payable to Rainbow Club Ltd for the service and return both the order form and shoes. Remember to select weather you would like shoes dyed to ‘Daylight’ (outdoor colour match) or ‘artificial’ (indoor colour match).

♥ If you don’t plan on having them redyed at any stage, they can ‘Colour Protect’ the shoes with a damp proof/colour protect spray to make sure your colour lasts. They also have a range of bags to match the shoes which can be dyed.

♥ Colour technicians who will match the dyes by eye to your swatch, and then hand apply the colour, ensuring complete coverage and a perfect even finish. Once your shoes have been dried and checked, they will be dispatched to your delivery address as stipulated on your order form.

The rest is then up to you. If you have your shoes dyed to a ‘colour to match’ swatch, your shoes may be one of a kind. Enjoy them!

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