Scrabble Wedding Ideas

291Scrabble is one of the most popular board games around. It now comes in different limited additions and sizes and those iconic Scrabble letters have appeared on numerous forms of merchandising! Scrabble letters are instantly recognisable and loved by all!

It now appears that Scrabble has come of age within the wedding industry and Scrabble tiles are being used imaginatively by couples around the globe! Lets’ face it – they are inexpensive, instantly recognisable and totally versatile!

There has been a growing trend within the wedding industry during the last few years to use typography, and the use of Scrabble tiles seems an obvious way to continue this trend, with a twist! Just a word of advice – the wooden tiles look much nicer than the plastic ones!

Scrabble Wedding Ideas

Scrabble Wedding Ideas

Scrabble tiles can be a great accessory for your engagement shoot. Use them to spell out your names and/or words that mean something to you. Or why not write your wedding date and use the photograph as your save the date card?

For your wedding the most obvious use of Scrabble tiles is to spell names using the tiles and arrange on wooden stands to make place names for your top-table guests. If you want to be more adventurous you could also use the tiles on your wedding cake, or on a personalised cover for your Guest Book. Scrabble tiles can also be incorporated into your bouquet or buttonhole!

If you are completely hooked on Scrabble you could even set up a Scrabble station for your guests or, more simply, leave a set of letters on each table as a talking point. It could be fascinating!

There are also lots of Scrabble items you can buy as gifts, including some gorgeous necklaces and whimsical cufflinks!

Whatever you choose to do there’s no doubt that a Scrabble Wedding would be charming, we L-O-V-E  S-C-R-A-B-B-L-E!

Image Credits – Scarbble ‘Love’ couple image by Alyssa Shrock, buttonhole image by Miki Photography.


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