Rosalind Miller Cakes ‘The Peasants Revenge’

We make no secret of the fact that we are HUGE fans of Rosalind Miller Cakes, and felt compared to share with you her amazing cake/sugar sculpture which was exhibited at the V&A.

These days, with so many creative people in the wedding cake industry, it is only your imagination which limits the design of wedding cake you have… Rosalind Miller proves this completely with yet another amazing design (the mini cupcakes are just as amazing too!)…

Rosalind Miller Cakes ‘The Peasants Revenge’

Rosalind is a member of The Experimental Food Society and recently exhibited this sculpture for the society’s annual talk at The V&A museum. It was part of an edible installation called “The Peasants Revenge”.

“Marie Antoinette, the profligate queen of France during the 18th century French revolution, upon learning that the peasants had no bread to eat, was famously attributed with the phrase “let them eat cake”.
Rosalind Miller Cakes
Some historians claim it was her frivolous and lavish lifestyle in the face of the peasants’ hardship that triggered the start of the French Revolution, and ultimately led to her beheading at the guillotine.
The installation is a light-hearted take on these themes of the French Revolution. Marie Antoinette takes centre stage, and the display provides the audience with an opportunity to take ‘revenge’ for the peasants by eating a mini cake in the form of Marie Antoinette’s head.”
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