Review Of The Wedding Pad

A huge thanks to Kate from Lavender & Linen for this fascinating and comprehensive review:

As an iphone/ipad obsessive I was instantly intrigued to read about a new luxury service on the wedding market – the Wedding Pad. Luckily Laura from the Wedding Pad was only too pleased to meet with me and show me around this fantastic service.

the wedding pad

Review Of The Wedding Pad

Firstly, let me say this – if you have an iphone/ipad obsession beware, you will want this at your wedding, and it doesn’t come cheap. However, the comprehensive service they provide is well worth the cost if you are having a large wedding (they will normally only offer the service for a minimum number of 150 guests). This is in part down to where the service really comes in to its own with the bigger the wedding reaping the bigger reward.

the wedding pad

 So, how does it work?

Each wedding has a bespoke build, so the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing the features and look you want – everything is built to the couple’s exact specification. At the venue the tech team set everything up and babysit throughout the wedding to ensure perfect service at all times. As the system is completely independent there’s no need to worry about 3G or Wifi coverage – it will literally work in the middle of a field – perfect for that marquee wedding!

Essentially, Wedding Pad say that one ipad between two guests at the reception meal is ideal. But the journey can start long before the wedding, with guests able to upload memories, images and messages to the couple’s site before the big day. Gift List, Honeymoon Fund, Charitable Donation or Absent Friends pages can also be set up.

On the day the ipads sit on the reception tables and can display menus, order or service, potted histories of the bridal party, the couple’s story – and so on.

the wedding pad

A feature that I really liked was the ability to send orders direct to the bar or kitchen – no trying to alert waiting staff or queuing for a drink – as members of staff at the venue can have their own ipads. There is also a useful concierge service option for checking room availability and booking taxis at the end of the night.

The thing that immediately caught my attention was the couple’s complete editorial control – both before, after and on the big day itself – the on the day team can be instructed to bar inappropriate photographs and messages, and the screen can be locked during the speeches to ensure the focus is where it should be (and make sure no-one is playing Angry Birds!).

A significant feature of the service is the Guestbook – with the opportunity to take plenty of pictures and videos on the ipads throughout the night, and leave messages, with the ability to link to Facebook etc (if desired).

A playlist can even be set up – great for deciding that wedding playlist – although I can’t see it replacing a DJ on the night just yet!

As we know the ipads are also a great way of keeping younger guests entertained – with preloaded age appropriate games and more.

the wedding pad

After the wedding breakfast

Each one is alarmed and locatable, so there is no risk of them ‘disappearing’!

After the wedding is over couple’s have the option to buy their own ipad and keep it much like a photographic wedding album with all the messages, memories, photographs and videos of the day. The beauty of the ipads being the in-built features of software updates and icloud storage – nothing will become inaccessible or lost. They can also be bought as gifts for the bridal party – each bespoke designed album coming in their own presentation box.

Is it for me?

The Wedding pad certainly won’t be an option for every bride and groom, and the service is very much aimed at the luxury market, however, every wedding has a budget and a priority list – for some this may be top of the list alongside venue and photographer. For others it will simply not be the style of wedding they wish to create.

Ipads are not naturally what you would call ‘pretty’, however, I was assured that they can be designed with any framing/colours the couple’s desire, and with a bit of consideration to styling the reception tables they need not look hugely out of place. After all they could be taking the place of traditional menu and escort cards etc.

That said, they won’t be on everyone’s wish list – there’s something rather nice about weddings where people aren’t glued to their phones/ipads all day – good, old-fashioned interaction with people, not computers!

I must admit to being slightly conflicted myself – I feel that a hugely technical aspect to a wedding could detract from everyone, well, just having a good time? Would the older members of the wedding party embrace it?

But I also love the practical elements the service provides – the menus, bar and concierge service, and children’s entertainment, as well as having everyone’s messages and pictures from the day. It is often hard to get to see everyone properly on the day, and I do see this as perhaps the modern equivalent of the once ubiquitous stack of disposal cameras on reception tables.

So, what do you think? Are you a technophile or technophobe? Would you have the Wedding Pad at your wedding?! Is this the future?

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