Planning The Perfect Proposal

Planning the perfect proposal is no easy task, yet it isn’t quite as daunting as it seems.

Hen Heaven recently created the video below asking people about their perfect proposals, and it would appear that when it comes to proposals of marriage, we are still pretty much a nation of traditionalists and romantics!

The good people of Brighton clearly have lots of ideas about there perfect proposals! Here are a few unwritten rules which might just help if you are thinking of popping the question in the not too distant future…

Planning The Perfect Proposal


Try to include an element of surprise, plan your proposal carefully and make sure your partner doesn’t have any idea what you are up to! Firstly, keep your plans to yourself. The more people you talk to about the proposal, the more likely it is that something will slip — even from people who wouldn’t normally cross paths with you both. Everyone should be on a “need to know” basis.

Location, Location, Location

Try to find a romantic setting for your proposal, or a location/venue which means something to you both as a couple. It could be somewhere you have both wanted to visit, or somewhere very familiar to you which you both love (maybe where you first met), going back there to propose signifies that your relationship has come full circle.


Getting down on one knee may feel old-fashioned but it is a tradition which has withstood the test of time and which still carries meaning for many people.


It has always been custom to ask a Father’s permission to marry, and many women still feel this to be an important custom. You could also involve close friends and family if you think ahead and reserve a table at a great restaurant, or ask family and friends to meet you for a toast after the proposal!

The Ring

It is often a mistake to assume that an expensive ring is essential to a successful proposal, it isn’t! In fact, many people opt to select their own engagement ring with their partner after the proposal. If you’re not certain what type of ring to get, go with a ‘placeholder’ ring which can be exchanged when the real ring is purchased.


It’s essential not to propose too early in a relationship, but also not leave it too long! A general rule is around 24 months into the relationship, although obviously this varies enormously between couples! If you have been receiving heavy hints (visits to jewellery shops and admiring glances at rings!) you’ll know the time is right!

The most important tips is that you should make your proposal something that reflects you as a couple and your unique relationship. Before you pop the question, think outside the ring box and plan a proposal that you’ll be proud to talk about for many years to come!

Good luck!

Carol x

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