Peacock Wedding Theme

Peacock wedding theme anyone..?

At Aspirational Bride we were recently chatting to one of our favourite florists who said how busy she had been with peacock themed wedding flowers… and this got us thinking! A little research later and we realised that peacock feathers and colours and are proving to be a huge trend in weddings recently, from flowers to stationery to cakes…

The combination of peacock colours looks stunning, and certainly contradicts the old adage ‘blue and green should never be seen!’

However, if you are a little superstitious you may want to think twice… Some people believe it is very unlucky to have the feathers of a peacock within the home. This is possibly because of the eye shape present on these feathers is sometimes associated with an ‘evil’ eye…

Peacock Wedding

Peacock Wedding

What do you think of the peacock theme? Are you at all superstitious, and if so what would you avoid on your wedding day? We’d love to hear from you!

Peacock hair fascinator (top third from left), by Belles and Beaus Bridal.


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  1. JAN says:

    Who makes the dress in the above picture?

  2. Sameaster says:

    Thanks for sharing The combination of peacock colours. It looks stunning!!

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