Paper Parasols

Here at Aspirational Bride we’re great fans of parasols, both traditional ones and paper parasols. They make beautiful and practical wedding accessories for brides and bridesmaids.

Paper Parasols for Weddings

Paper parasols have become increasingly popular and whether you’re looking for practical sun protection for you, your guests or pretty props for photos, paper parasols are perfect for spring or summer weddings, and beach weddings too!

There are so many types of parasol to choose from (plain, patterned, hand painted, inscribed) and so many colours too!


Sa Paper (also known variously as Saa paper, NamTong Paper or Mulberry Paper) originates from South-East Asia and is derived from the mashed pulp of mulberry bark. The result is a lightweight and durable paper that has a beautifully natural look and feel, and can be crafted elegantly. When used to make Sa Paper parasols each parasol will have a wonderfully rustic and oriental feel!


Paper parasols can be used to compliment your wedding dress and colour theme, or provide a bold and eye catching contrast! If you want to invest in a few parasols they can also be hung upside down to make stunning venue decorations!

Brollies Galore stock an amazing collection of parasols with plenty of colour choices!

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