Painted Wedding Cakes

New wedding trends, we love them! At Aspirational Bride we recently became aware of this fantastic trend for wedding cakes – hand painted wedding cakes! It’s already proving to be a great success!

Painted Wedding Cakes

Painted wedding cakes look beautiful, they reflect true creativity and can be completely personalised, what’s not to like! Hand painted wedding cakes are possibly the ultimate in cake art and cake creativity!

The most common techniques for achieving this look include stencilling fondant or simply, and literally, painting free hand for the most amazing results.

Bridal Trends Painted Wedding Cakes

Each cake is as unique and as individual as the artist who creates them – some are completely feminine, intricate and delicate, with representations of flowers, vines and brides.  Some cake decorators use the work of other artists even taking their inspiration from the works of Monet and Gustav Klimt.

Many cake decorators have also been inspired by the recent trend for decorative and floral wallpapers, including all the gorgeous vintage prints which are currently around!

Hand Painted Cake

As someone who struggles to ice a cupcake I have enormous admiration for these talented individuals! The good news is these painted wedding cakes don’t have to cost a fortune, you could even purchase a plain fondant cake and then approach a cake decorator who might be able to paint it for you!

Hand Painted Wedding Cakes

If you are really a huge fan of this technique, then you can get hand painted cupcakes…

Hand painted cupcakes

Or even hand painted cookies too!

Hand painted cookies.

Image credits (where known) – Hand painted cupcakes from Nevie-Pie Cakes,  lemons and pears painted cake (2nd moodboard) from Sweet Cheeks Baking, image by Brian N. Miller Photography. Blue cherub cake from Southbound Brides. Hand painted flower cookies from Whipped Bakeshop.

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