Neon Wedding Style

We can’t quite believe we’re writing this! We’ve covered lots of very different wedding styles and themes on Aspirational Bride, but recently seem to have been bombarded by neon!

The lovely Stephanie Saunders looked at neon wedding flowers last week, and ever since then we’ve seen Neon everywhere – on catwalks, in interior design shops and now on the High Street too! We have to admit it is lots of fun though, and perfect for a summer wedding!

We always say a little can go a long way when it comes to wedding colours and styling, and this is most certainly true of neon! The secret with neon is to try to use one or two pops  of neon-bright colors sparingly – you can either choose a couple of complimentary neon colours (we don’t recommend more than two or three at most!) such as green and yellow or blue and mauve or simply stick to one colour popping highlight… If you want to have some multi-coloured fun then save it for your wedding invitations or maybe your wedding cake (but remember to keep everything else around your cake table as neutral is possible!)

What you don’t want to happen is for your wedding day to look like you are on some bad acid trip! One way to avoid this is to make sure that the colours you use aside from neon are completely natural – cream, beige, white, taupe… The gorgeous brightly coloured lavender macaroons (top left)  are by Krissys Creations.

Neon Wedding Style

Neon Wedding Style

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