Neon Lights – Wedding Flower Trends 2013

A guest post with some 90’s inspiration from Stephanie Saunders of Stephanie Saunders Flowers

I never thought I’d be writing such a post regarding a wedding scheme, and if I’m honest I thought I would leave ‘Neon’ back in the early 90’s where it left us. Neon, however, is making a bigger modern-day comeback than Take That did back in the noughties!!!

The luminous shades of yellow, pink, orange and green are set to lead the way over the coming year and push the boundaries of wedding design and the traditional pastel pallet we know and love.

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Neon Lights – Wedding Flower Trends 2013

The key to achieving this ‘in your face’ look is to opt for pure white blooms. Yes, you heard me correctly. PURE WHITE!!! Now here comes the science bit… The colour white reflects light and will always make other colours teamed with it look brighter and more striking than they normally appear.

If you choose to use pure white with an accent of neon, that accent will pack a bigger punch. I would suggest you opt for a statement bouquet to echo your statement theme. Opt for ‘Snowball’ Hydrangeas… a mass of these look fluffy and blowsy and if they are bound in a luminous orange ribbon it will look ultra modern whilst still looking pretty.


Have a simple white Rose buttonhole for your groom and have it adorned by a matching neon ribbon for a splash of vibrant colour.

This very same neon accent can spill into your reception décor. The supremely talented ‘Little Wedding Helper’ recently teamed up with ‘Emma Norton Wedding Flowers’ on a neon inspired photoshoot. Emma, arranged pure white blooms in neon tinted vessels. Again, the striking clash between the pure white and the fluorescent pink, packs the punch you are looking for.

If you wish to add more of a colour blast you could ask your florist to include some spray tinted foliage, to match your neon shades… Bear Grass takes well to spray paints and has that more contemporary feel that would tie in nicely with your theme. But remember that golden rule ‘LESS IS MORE’… Remember you have your napkins, stationary or favours to add colour too.

Little Wedding Helper

If Hydrangeas don’t do it for you and want more than just white, another option is the Phalenopsis Orchid. A white variety of this Orchid can have a fluorescent pink centre… a beautiful trailing bouquet of these blooms look stunning and have a more lux feel.

Neon OrchidsWhat’s more… the pink variety of Phalenopsis has a luminous tint… these two varieties combined and cascading out of tall glass vases look incredible as part of a neon wedding colour scheme!…

WOW doesn’t come close enough! But be warned… Orchids are quoted on a price per head basis. Such arrangements would leave a heafty dent in your budget. (But may I add… worth every penny!)

I hope this post has sparked a little interest and inspired some brides-to-be to embrace their love of colour, even though the flower colour choice may be a little tame in comparison.

If any of you have a particular theme you’d like covering on the blog please do not hesitate to get in touch! I’d love to cover something special for you!!!


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