Need You Now – Do I Need Wedding Insurance?

Picture perfect memories, scattered all around the floor

Reaching for the phone ’cause I can’t fight it anymore

And I wonder if I ever cross your mind

For me it happens all the time”.

‘Need You Now’ Lyrics by Lady Antebellum

Need You Now…Do I Need Wedding Insurance?

You have spent the past 12 months plus organising your perfect wedding day. Your stationary has been sent out,  the wedding dress has been altered to perfection, the groom’s and usher’s suit hire has arrived, the wedding cars and photographer are booked, the marquee has been erected and decorated, your caterers are organising the wedding breakfast, your honeymoon is booked. All your guests are due to arrive at your wedding venue within the next 2 hours.  This is going to be your perfect day, nothing will go wrong… so do I need wedding insurance?

Do I need wedding insurance? Need You Now

But wait… what if something does go wrong? Perhaps you or the groom is taken ill the night before the wedding, the church or country house hotel you are due to get married suffers a burst pipe and is no longer available on the day, your wedding car has broken down and will not arrive to collect you, your wedding cake was knocked over by the caterers at the reception venue…but nothing like this can happen to you, can it?

Whilst we do not want to think about some of the unfortunate events that can and do occur before, during or after weddings, we should consider the possibility that something may go wrong and that wedding insurance must be considered as highly as any other service to be provided for on a wedding day.

Many couples do not consider wedding insurance but in reality, this can be an invaluable investment for your wedding day in the event that something does go wrong!

Do I need wedding insurance? Need You Now

High street retailers such as John Lewis , Debenhams, etc., insurance comparison websites ( or niche insurers such as e&l Insurance provide wedding insurance for a relatively small financial outlay compared to the potential cost of the loss of a wedding in whole or in part. They can provide cover for such events as:

  • Cancellation and/or re-arrangement of a wedding or wedding reception due to events beyond your control including redundancy to you or any close relative on whom the finance of the wedding is reliant on.
  • Loss or damage to bridal or ceremonial attire.
  • Loss or damage to wedding gifts.
  • Loss or damage to wedding rings, flowers, gifts and cakes.
  •  Failure of the service of the wedding car and transport company or individual to meet its contractual obligations.
  • Loss of wedding photographers or videographers media cards or film due to loss before backed up copies can be made or non-development.
  • Failure of suppliers due to bankruptcy or liquidation.
  • Reimbursement for stationary costs if the wedding is cancelled and/or for additional costs to reprint for re-arrangement of the wedding.
  • Legal expenses in the event that you are required to pursue a claim for compensation and/or arising from your death or injury.
  • Public liability insurance in the event that you are legally liable should you cause loss, damage, injury or death of a third party or their property.
  • Replacement of essential documents such as passport, etc. if you are marrying outside of the United Kingdom.
  • Marquee cover in the event of loss or damage to the structure (this is usually an optional cover).

From a personal point of view, I did not have wedding insurance in force at the time of my own wedding and our vintage chauffeur driven Rolls Royce broke down in a one way system immediately after the wedding ceremony at our wedding venue. It was late December  and the chauffeur left the engine running throughout the ceremony to keep himself warm! This resulted in a 45 minute standstill in one way system while waiting for a taxi to take my husband and I to our wedding blessing 10 miles away. Fortunately, the wedding car hire car promptly apologised and reimbursed the cost of the car hire (and paid for the taxi service), but we may not have been so lucky in other circumstances with a less scrupulous company.

After reading this list, do you have wedding insurance cover in force in the event of any unforeseeable event that may affect your wedding day? What are your thoughts on this type of insurance cover or have you ever needed to claim on your wedding insurance policy? Please let have us your thoughts and comments to share with our readers and also, your experiences of dealing with insurers if you have claimed.

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  1. Reputable suppliers, like myself, will have insurance to cover you if something goes wrong. Saying that, we purchased wedding insurance when we got married, just in case. I think it was around £50, if you think about this as a percentage of the overall wedding cost, it is loose change really!! It gave us peace of mind.

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