Music To Swoon To At Your Wedding Reception

From obvious wedding reception musical choices to the more elusive classics, it can be almost impossible to wade through generations of romantic tunes and love ballads for the multi-generational group that will most likely be attending your wedding.

Music To Swoon To At Your Wedding Reception

From wedding reception dance party mainstays such as Karen Carpenter of the Carpenters and Bobby Darin to modern contemporary crooners like Bryan Adams, John Legend and Michael Bublé  – there aren’t enough hours in a wedding reception to cover all of the greats. You’ve chosen a gorgeous wedding reception venue, the styling has been planned, so now we’ll try to serve up the best wedding reception ideas we can…


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The Feeling

Wedding playlist track selections have a tall order to fulfil because ultimately you are trying to set a mood that can span generations. Songs like “Please Mr. Postman” won’t resonate with younger guests, just as Vanessa Carlton won’t… It’s the feeling that is created through the entire set list which paints the tapestry of emotions to convey the mood, the memory, and the uniqueness of the love you are celebrating.

Each song plays its part communicating how special this day is for everyone in attendance, like keys on a piano, or complex parts in a strand of DNA.

We divide time, for all of its idiosyncrasies, seasons, moments, and feelings into neatly selected playlists in our minds and hearts and while everyone has their own interpretation of what love means to them, there are those songs that have universal appeal and understanding; and those are the songs you will be looking for when you put together your most memorable playlist of your life – the one you play for each other, and your family and friends, on your big day.

All Inclusive Wedding Mixtape

If music is an “art of time”, then this small handful of artists might help to commemorate your wedding day. I’m confident they will touch all audiences. If you have any additional suggestions, let us know in the comments below!

The Carpenters

The signature voice and personality of Karen Carpenter transcends time through her ability to connect with her audience. From songs such as “Only Yesterday” and “Love Me For What I am”, Karen Carpenter can appeal to any generation, and no young ‘Millennial’ or older guest will find fault in putting her melodious notes on your wedding playlist.

It is no secret that in an era of big hair and hard edges, The Carpenters put the romance back into popular music back in the 1970’s, thus paving the way for decades of artists unafraid to sing about love.

Elton John

From “I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues” and “Your Song”, lovers turned Bride and Groom, or Groom and Groom, Bride and Bride – or whatever — anyone who’s ever loved and knows the heart wrenching feeling of being apart for any period of time will know the power of Elton John. This man knows how to reach anyone.

John Legend

From “All of Me” and “Made to Love” to “You and I”, John Legend is one musician who is “evergreen” – his timelesslyrics will always be able to reach his audience and convey the same emotion, no prior context required.

And the Runner Up List…

Plenty of runner-ups to add, as we have hardly scratched the surface of an ultimate wedding reception mixtape…

Greats like Bobby Darin, Donovan, Neil Young, Phil Collins, Hair, Justin Timberlake, Seal, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Sonny and Cher, the Beatles, No Doubt, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, John Lennon, The Pretenders, Modern English, Goo Goo Dolls, INXS, Heart, Ricky Martin, Beyonce, Sia, Enrique Iglesias, and many others all have music catalogues that are worth starting your musical exploration with.

Best of luck!

Carol x


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