Make-Up for Spring

A special thank you to Kate Kelvin  (a professional UK hair and make-up artist specialising in natural make-up) for this guest post on make-up for spring and early summer. Over to Kate for some great tips on achieving a natural look…

At last, the blossom is out and here are some juicy tips for you to blossom too…

The sun is also here, which means the sunscreen needs to be applied. Protect your tender skin and keep lines and sun spots at bay, you will thank me when you’re 50… You will!

Make-Up Ideas for Spring

Make-Up for SpringTo give a natural glow to your cheeks try a cream blush in dusky pink and apply on the apples of the cheeks.

The best way to find the right place is to smile and put a small dab of blush on the most prominent part, then gently rub in circles up towards the cheek bones.

Then, using a sponge or another finger, blend the edges to achieve a natural flushed look, as if you have been for a light jog…

Day makeup is looking pretty natural at the moment with berry stained lips and dewy skin. Eyes are nude with a lick of mascara and a thin smudged eyeliner of your favourite colour – brown, black and purple are in this season.

Make-Up for SpringKeep foundation light in texture and go for a tinted moisturiser with a little strobe cream or flash balm added to give that dewy look.

Don’t forget your eyebrows, they need to be the same colour as your hair or a shade darker to give emphasis to your eyes.


Hair is natural too, for day wear leave it flowing or loosely tie and braid.

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“The best thing is to look natural. But it takes make-up to look natural”

Calvin Klein, Fashion Designer

Kate x

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