LoveLocks have been inspired by an ancient custom of couples locking their love all over the world. Love Padlocks first starting appearing in China, and there are now sites around the world, cities from Moscow to Rome are filled with fences, gates, and poles adorned with padlocks.

These padlocks are an expression of hope and humanity, connecting people around the world with the one thing that unites us all – love!

Each padlock features a double heart design and is delivered without a key, meaning they lock only once, and once the lock is sealed it is kept sealed forever. The locking of the lovelock symbolises the eternity of the couples love.

LoveLocks also design and install unique and customised ‘Love Scapes’ which are sculptures or gates set in key locations for couples to love their love on legally, and without the worry about them ever being removed! The first of these scapes are set to be installed at historical homes and wedding venues in the Midlands in the coming few weeks.

Lovelocks are available as wedding favour packages, along with  ‘Tree of Life’ ceremony and sculpture sets for couples wishing to incorporate LoveLocks into their wedding day. This is a beautiful piece of art, which comes with a script for incorporation into the ceremony itself, where the couples lock would be affixed to the central position on the tree, locks for their parents could be affixed to the roots, and then throughout the couples lives together new locks would be added to mark special events in their lives, such as births or anniversaries.

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