I Can’t Find a Match – am I Looking for the Wrong Partner?

They say that ‘life is nothing without someone to share it with’. Most of us are looking for somebody to share our lives with – but that is of course easier said than done! Most of us know roughly what sort of person we are looking for, who we are attracted to and who we think we will be compatible with.

If you are struggling to find someone, then it might be worth reconsidering your idea of ‘perfect’ – and pushing those boundaries to perhaps discover that your future partner lies outside of your comfort zone.

I can’t find a match – am I looking for the wrong partner?

Be open to change and be flexible in your outlook…

We’re all sold on this idea of a ‘soulmate’ – one person in this world for another. But actually, we can have multiple soulmates and love can come in all forms and kinds. Sometimes relationships may fail, but the experience gained is certainly not lost. We can be very negative about certain types of relationship and certain types of people, but if we are flexible and become open to opportunity, then who knows who you could meet.


Life may surprise you…

You might have a fixed idea of your ‘ideal partner’ in your head such as dark hair, blue eyes, tall physique, along with an accompanying list of specifications like a good salary, own house, own car, animal lover, sporty. But often we hear stories of people who one day find someone comes along who blows them away, someone who doesn’t fit their criteria or tick all the boxes on their list. But that person means more to them than anyone else has before, people who did match up to their exacting standards on paper.

In reality, often someone who on the surface might look perfect is actually not as compatible as we might think in practice. With that in mind, the opposite can also be true! So take a walk outside of your comfort zone, see who you find there and try someone new, even if it is someone who you would never have dreamed of pairing up with before.


Look in new places…

Joining a singles club or frequenting bars aren’t the only ways to find a partner. Looking on good online dating sites to meet new people and potential partners really does work, and many people with busy lives prefer to meet online to establish a connection first before meeting in person. Sometimes this can make for a better match, as you’re more likely to have a fair idea of their personality, and aren’t just basing your attraction on looks. Loosen your grip, erase the boundaries and you may be surprised at who may come forward!

Consult a psychic

Contrary to popular belief, a psychic won’t sit you down and tell you about a ‘tall, dark stranger’. A psychic can offer guidance and positive support that may help you to identify opportunities to find a partner in the future. Often we miss opportunities and don’t realise it – a psychic can bring these often small, subtle signs to your attention in order for you to find the perfect match for you.

They may be able to help you craft a portrait of your ideal partner, both in looks, personality and traits that will make for good resource material when crafting an online dating profile. If you know your future mate is into fine dining, then insist your dating site pulls up those matches based on this. It’ll save you more time sorting out the wheat from the chaff and you may well get to meet Mr. or Mrs Right a little quicker.

Provided by Derek Acorah’s Psychic Ether, providing online psychic reading experiences as personalised as though provided traditionally face to face.

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