How To Save Money On Your Wedding Flowers: The DIY Route

A guest post with some sensible advice on DIY wedding flowers from Stephanie Saunders of Stephanie Saunders Flowers

Living in such a difficult economic time with Britain clawing its way out of a double dip recession, wedding budgets are getting tighter and tighter with many brides choosing the DIY option to save a little cash here and there.

 The DIY Bride: The road to becoming a Floral Goddess…

Wedding flowers tend to play an integral part to the décor and add a certain ‘je nais se quoi’ to your special day with only 7% of brides choosing not to have them!!! Hiring a professional will set you back around 10% of your wedding budget (depending on what you want). If your budget will not stretch that far then here are a few money saving ways to bring floral beauty to your big day without breaking the bank…


How To Save Money On Your Wedding Flowers

It goes without saying that the most obvious inexpensive option is jam jars of flowers. The jam jars themselves are easy and economical to source and it really is as simple as filling them with flowers of your choice.  There are no hidden mechanics or complicated techniques, cut the stems down to size and arrange as nicely as possible.

Although this sounds a very time efficient arrangement please do consider your behind the scenes work. At a time when stress levels are hitting the maximum, the week before your big day, do you realistically have time to source the flowers, pick them up, condition them, arrange them and deliver them to your venue? It can be done but organise your time effectively so that you have plenty of time. Liaise with your venue, and arrange a time that you can deliver. Some venues will not allow embellishing to happen until a few hours before the wedding.

DIY Wedding Flowers

Another option is potted plants. Lavenders, potted herbs and Hydrangeas look sensational dotted about long trestle tables, especially if they are presented in reclaimed terracotta pots. This is a super quick and stylish touch, and not only that… you and your guests get to take home the arrangements and enjoy them for months, if not years! There is no conditioning involved with this option, but again, check with your venue to see what is possible when setting up.

If you are after something a little more formal arrangement wise, I strongly suggest you do a floristry taster course. There are so many of these dotted about the UK, in fact I am currently in talks about some short courses teaching DIY brides the basics for their floral needs. Although this is an initial outlay cash wise, it will teach you the skill and mechanics behind a more formal arrangement… after all, not everyone wants the rustic chic look that jam jars offer.

DIY bouquets can be a little trickier to get right. Again, my advice would be to seek a professional course and learn the spiralling technique from an expert, which will set you up for creating beautiful posies for you and your girls. Some bridal magazines have sections included that give step by step instructions on how to create bouquets. There are books out there also, but I can’t stress enough how practical experience under the supervision of an expert is invaluable… You may find that it is a lot harder than you imagine, and although you can handle the arrangements, you may decide you want to book a florist to supply your bouquets after all. Better to find out weeks before your wedding, rather than the day before!!!

Flower school 2

The key to pulling off the DIY approach to wedding flowers is organisation, patience and creativity. Get as much practice in as you possibly can. Do you homework about seasonality, stem length and conditioning. Bear in mind design also… however much you want all your favourite flower varieties, they may not go together. Think colour and texture also… it all has an affect on the look of your flowers. Have a back up plan if something goes wrong, and most importantly of all… HAVE FUN!!!!! Working with flowers is such a treat. I must say… I LOVE my job!!!

If you have any questions about DIY wedding flowers please do not hesitate to contact me… I’ll only be too pleased to help!!!


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