How To Choose And Wear Your Perfect Veil

We’re thrilled today to bring the first of several super guest posts from Trina of Baba-c Designs. Trina has a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to bridal accessories and today she shares some fantastic tips on choosing and wearing veils. Over to Trina…

Beautiful girl in a gorgeous gown, add a veil and you have a bride!


I am passionate about veils, they are the one accessory that only the bride gets to wear at her wedding. She is instantly recognisable and stands out from everyone.

Many clients come to me for headpieces and jewellery, when asked about veils they have a particular look which comes across their face and I know instantly that they have tried some veils and been completely put off! Why? Probably because the veil has been entirely the wrong style or length, finish or shade, maybe all four…and the client has decided veils are not for her, until she tries on the right one!

There is a veil for every wedding gown, no matter what style. Fun and flirty, trend setting fashion, ethereal elegance, glorious vintage, red carpet glamour to name just a few…


All our veils are individually made and finished to be the perfect complement to your gown. We work in 14 different shades and have a myriad of designs, each veil being made to measure to be the perfect finish for your look.

How To Secure Your Veil

There are a number of ways to secure a veil, and much depends on your hairstyle. Most veils come on a comb and can be pushed into the hair, this is not usually enough to keep it secure.

There are a number of ways that are used to secure a veil but my preference is for the following…

Get two small clear bands (the tiny ones you get in cheap shops) and loop one around the outside teeth on either side of the comb. They can then be used to secure the veil with hair pins without damage to the veil itself.

You can also incorporate three tiny “pony tails” in the hair during styling, again using the little clear bands, the teeth of the comb then have something to bite into that is secure but comfortable. This method has to be done while your hair is being styled as the bands should be covered over and hidden. If you forget to do this, the first option can always be employed.

These techniques are not easily explained but hopefully you will get the idea. We are planning to produce a short video on our new site which will show you clearly what is involved.

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If for any reason you have yet to find the perfect headpiece and veil get in touch, we would be delighted to assist you  getting the right accessories to perfectly complement your look.

Trina Trina’s website is:

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