How To Accessorise Your Bridesmaids Jewellery

In the hustle and bustle of wedding planning we often forget to think about the smaller details, including accessories for our bridesmaids. Have you thought about what jewellery you’re going to wear as a bride, or what pieces you think would look good on your bridesmaids? Here’s some tips for choosing your bridesmaids jewellery from Henryka:


Your main aim should be to ensure your bridesmaids compliment you! One simple idea is to set an agreed choice of metal… If you’re in white and the bridesmaids are in blue,  then silver jewellery will look great on all of you and tie in the visual details of the wedding. You might be wearing a luxurious and detailed beaded or crystalised dress, but a hint of diamond or pearl on bridesmaids jewellery won’t go amiss either!

If you’re thinking about giving your bridesmaids a gift to wear on your wedding day you could buy one design for all of your bridesmaids, either the same beautiful bracelet or earrings or opt for slightly different styles in the same range to complement the personality and tastes of each person.

How To Accessorise Your Bridesmaids Jewellery 


Colour is the first step; even if they don’t match the bride, a group of bridesmaids looks far better when they’re all colour co-ordinated. See if you can get the group to decide on a base metal and what colours you can play with. Cream/ivory dressed brides might want to wear all gold, or all silver with blue, turquoise and mint green stones.

How To Accessorise Your Bridesmaids Jewellery

Dress Design

How does your jewellery work with your dress? If the dress has a heart-shaped neckline or halter-neck you might want shorter necklaces with a pendant. For a straight neckline experiment with long beaded necklaces to soften harsher lines. If you want to inject colour, which looks especially good with silver jewellery, remember to use hints rather than huge splashes of colour. Try to keep artistically carved metal designs on the neck, as this is in direct eye-sight already.


Your choice of earrings depends on how you’re having your hair and the style of the dress. If your hair’s up you might want to frame your face with pendant earrings with lots of detail. If your hair’s down or partially down you can use a sneaky splash of colour and go for bigger, chunkier cuts or simple studs in diamond and pearl. The tidier and sleeker the dress (and your hair), the simpler your design should be.

Other Accessories

Bracelets, bangles and rings are popular, but you might want to find something that says a bit more about you. You could get away with a couple of quirky carved rings, a mix of simple bangles with tiny stones or a chunky wrap-around bracelet with one big colourful stone. Other jewellery you can experiment with includes brooches, hair clips and hair pins – all offer an almost limitless opportunity for brides and bridesmaids to experiment with!

Above all, chat to your bridesmaids – find out their tastes and preferred styles, see how these marry-up with your own styling and then have some fun with some serious jewellery shopping!

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