Getting The Most From Your Tropical Wedding

Planning a wedding is a time-consuming and (sometimes) stressful experience, and planning a tropical wedding is no different, there is an awful lot to consider and many couples feel totally removed from their comfort zone in terms of knowledge and expertise!

Here is the Aspirational Bride guide to making sure you get the most from your tropical wedding, and enjoy every moment when your special day arrives…


Getting The Most From Your Tropical Wedding

Use A Reputable Company

Using a trusted and reputable company to book your wedding is an absolute given! Not only will you have a larger selection of spectacular destinations and stunning resorts, but you will also have access to¬† team of experts who can help you plan your wedding day and answer any questions you may have… Tropical Sky has gained a reputation for superb service which includes expert wedding and travel planners, comprehensive packages, ATOL protection, and plenty of exclusive offers to tempt you too!


Do Your Research

Once you have your package booked, make sure you do your own research – and pay attention to the finer details too! Research local weather, tropical usually means ‘hot’ but it can also mean very breezy, wet and unpredictable! Keep this in mind when you are planning your hairstyle, your dress, your decor and your reception!


Consider Guests

No doubt you’ll remember to pack your sunscreen, but consider the needs of your guests too! Why not provide personalised mini bottles of sunscreen as favors, displayed in a basket for people to help themselves to.

Pretty fans for the ladies (we love these from NOTHS!) would be welcome too, or even parasols! Keep your guests hydrated throughout the day, and consider providing flip-flops for evening celebrations! You could also include a list of travel tips with your wedding invitation so your guests will be as comfortable as you are on your big day.


Be Inspired By Your Location

You’ve gone to the time, trouble and expense to plan your tropical wedding, so use your location to inspire you… Take inspiration from local colour palettes, flavours and architecture to compliment your wedding theme and decor ideas.


Travel Lightly

Try to plan what you’ll be taking as if it’s a military operation! You’ll undoubtedly have more than you’d take for a normal holiday abraod, but consider sourcing some of the smaller items locally when you arrive… This will help to keep your luggage down and also give your wedding a more ‘authentic’ feel in keeping with the area.

Keep A Check on Expenses

Weddings can quickly spiral out of control and budgets can be blown easily. Remember to factor in the additional costs you’ll incur for your tropical wedding, especially additional activities for guests and travel costs for you and your immediate families, including a planning trip if you’re having one!

Above all, be organised and plan ahead. Talk to people who’ve married abroad too, they may have some useful practical tips!

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    It always excite me when I think about tropical wedding,They are the most coolest wedding, i have ever seen.Thanks for sharing!

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