Five Do’s and Don’ts to Help Organise The Perfect Hen Party

Organising hen parties and weekends is a big responsibility: as well as getting the bride-to-be’s friends together in the same place, at the same time, you have to budget, choose locations, accommodation, and plan activities. Oh, and you’re responsible for ensuring the whole event runs smoothly and everyone has an amazing time – phew!

Despite all that, organising hen parties and weekends should be nearly as much fun as the event itself. Here’s five do’s and don’ts that will help you organise the perfect party…

Five Do’s and Don’ts to Help Organise The Perfect Hen Party

Do Stick to a Budget

Start by finding out what everyone can afford. You’ll probably find there’s a huge gap between what different hens are able or willing to spend. Set your budget in accordance with the lower end of what people can afford. This event is all about getting the bride-to-be’s most loved ladies together – not showing off how much cash you can splash.

If necessary, try asking those with a little more spare cash to chip in a few extra pounds. The last thing you want is for hens to be excluded because they can’t afford the high-end price tag.


Do  Start Planning Early

January’s a big month for planning and organising hen parties, with accommodation and activities at some of the more popular destinations filling up fast. Start planning ASAP to avoid being disappointed.

However, there’s another big reason you need to start planning early: getting a large group of busy women to reply to texts and emails can be a nightmare! It’s your job to get everyone organised, and the earlier you start, the easier this will be.


Don’t Surprise The Bride-To-Be Too Much!

Surprises are great, but don’t let the element of surprise dictate choosing activities the bride-to-be would never expect, and therefore may not enjoy. If necessary, ask the bride-to-be what she would and wouldn’t like to do for her hen party. She doesn’t need to know any more than this – just be sure to take note of what she says, so that the surprise is something she will love.

Don’t Forget About The Little Things!

Going above and beyond might seem like unnecessary hassle, but it’s the little things like dress codes (aim to ensure the bride-to-be stands out!), hen party survival packs, and keepsake gifts that can really make the difference.
Think Polaroid cameras (great fun, and guests can take the photos homes), personalised items (champagne flutes, t-shirts, or even a piece of jewellery will go down great at the time, and make for fantastic memorabilia), and survival kits, with all those bits and bobs you just might need (plenty of painkillers are a must!)


Do Seek Help From Professionals

Remove the stress of organising hen parties & weekends by seeking the help of a professional planning company like Hen Weekends. After choosing your destination, activities, and dates, a good hen party organiser will book the whole thing on your behalf. You won’t need to worry about chasing payments, since the organiser will take payment directly from each hen, and they will even be there to sort out any last minute changes to the itinerary or guest list.

Best of all – planning a hen party through a professional organiser shouldn’t cost you any more than going it alone, and could even save you money since the organiser’s connections and buying power should secure you the best possible prices.

Have you organised a hen weekend, we’d love to hear your experiences?

Carol x

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