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A super guest post today from our good friend Gwenda Wilkes, also one of Aspirational Bride’s guest bloggers… Gwenda writes about launching her new and exciting venture, Fearless Florals, alongside her more established company The Vintage Floral Design Co. There’s some gorgeous photo shoots images to fall in love with too! Over to Gwenda…


In January 2012, I took a leap of faith and in the midst of a double-dip recession, I founded The Vintage Floral Design Co. – little did I know that just a little over a year later I would be welcoming a sister company for her into my floral family!

I was determined to make my business a success and poured every drop of energy into establishing a strong identity and sharing my passion with a vast network of industry contacts. It worked and I was blessed with more clients entrusting me with the honour of creating their wedding flowers than I ever dreamed achievable so soon. It soon became clear, however, that my clientele reflected the full spectrum of vintage interests. The term ‘vintage’ is a tricky one – while all who follow the style will agree that it reflects a nostalgia for a time gone by, the specific time and the level of exactitude to which one follows it is where the divisions begin.

At one end of the spectrum are those who take up a classic vintage style for their wedding day in order to convey a sense of timeless romance and elegance. At the other end are those who have an alternative, eclectic or eccentric take on a multitude of eras and make them their own. Under the banner of The Vintage Floral Design Co., I was finding it increasingly difficult to cater to the needs of all my potential clients. I am equally inspired and excited by the possibility of working at both extremes of the vintage genre and everything in between – but understandably, not everyone has the same appreciation.

The industry trends showed that couples were becoming increasingly brave and overall, they felt more confident in putting their personal stamp on their wedding day. So, in February 2013, my floral alter ego was born and Fearless Florals began to take its first tentative steps into the world of alternative weddings. The Vintage Floral Design Co. continues to specialise in classic beauty that reflects a bygone age, but as well as various vintage angles, with Fearless Florals there’s also the chance to indulge in elements of contemporary design. I love the extra dimension and challenging creative opportunities this allows me when designing stylish wedding flowers for couples who aspire far beyond the mainstream.








_mg_9439Photo Shoot Credits:

Venue: Oxon Hoath (www.oxonhoath.co.uk)

Photographer: Lee Hickman (www.handhimages.co.uk)

Styling: Jennifer Sue Weddings (www.jennifersueweddings.co.uk)

Models: Gwenda, Nadia & Ollie

Hair Stylist & MUA: Helen Hogg (http://www.hhmakeup.com/)

Wedding Dresses: Alan Hannah (www.alanhannah.co.uk)

Bridesmaid Dress and Page Boy Outfit: Little Bevan (www.littlebevan.co.uk)

Jewellery & Hair Accessories: Rosie Weisencrantz Vintage Jewellery (www.rosieweisencrantz.com)

Flowers: Fearless Florals (www.fearlessflorals.co.uk)

Cake & Dessert Table: Crumbs Couture (www.cupcakeslondon.com)

Prop hire: Paper Linen Plate (www.facebook.com/pages/paper-linen-plate/130703553750659?fref=ts)

Stationery: The Hummingbird Card Company (www.hummingbirdcards.co.uk)

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