Ethereal and Enchanting Make-Up

Today our resident expert Kate Kelvin (a professional UK make-up artist specialising in natural make-up) shows us how to achieve a pale and ethereal look, perfect for a winter wedding…

If you have chosen a winter wedding, hair and make-up can be ethereal and enchanting…

Hairstyles for a winter Wedding can be up or down, there are some beautiful styles around with hair loosely pinned up in sparkly clips and velvety ribbons which can create a magical look for any bride.


Hair does need extra special care in winter, look after your tresses by regularly using conditioning treatments at home or visit the salon for a monthly deep conditioning treatment on the run up to your wedding day. This will help maintain lustrous locks and feel silky smooth!


It’s sometimes better to wash your hair the day before your wedding day, if you can get away with it! This will help your hairstylist gain control of your hair and style it to perfection.

Ethereal and Enchanting Make-Up

Make-up can be pale and flushed on the cheek to give a winter feel,  and lips look beautiful in Berry Reds or Damson.


Keep the eyes simple and clear, instead of thick mascara why not try eyelash extensions in the medium length so they look natural and full, use a smudge of deep chocolate eyeliner and a shimmer of ivory shadow in the outer and inner corners to finish the look.

Keep the eyebrows sharp and the same colour as your hair.


Blondes can go a light to medium brown which frames the face, and remember…

”Never ever let anyone take away your sparkle!” – Anonymous

Kate x

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  1. Damla says:


    I’m from Turkey. I have a wedding this summer and the hair accessories thet you mentioned in the top is lovely and fits my wedding dress. Could you tell me how can I find that?

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