Entertain Your Wedding Guests

Your wedding day will doubtless be one of the most memorable days of your life, and you will want to ensure that your guests (of all ages!), have an equally memorable day and evening.

Here’s a few of our ideas for providing great entertainment, from the tried and trusted to a few slightly different alternatives!

Entertain Your Wedding Guests

Live Music

Live music is always guaranteed to create an atmosphere and get your guests feeling relaxed and entertained. Make sure you do your research and hire a reputable and experienced band, such as this wedding band from Leeds. They are booked almost entirely on recommendation and up to 18 months in advance!


Photo Booths

Along with being fun for guests of all ages, a photo booth is a great way to showcase your wedding theme and personalities with fun props and backdrops. Undoubtedly one of the most popular attractions at weddings this year and last!

Photo Shows

Have a slideshow in one of the rooms, or a hanging display of family photos in your marquee. Both could show images of your family and key guests at different stages in their lives – you could have pictures of your grandparents on their wedding days, the bride and groom’s first day at school etc.. For a slideshow you will need to set up a laptop in advance, and your venue may have a connecting cable you could use!


Hire A Magician

Everyone loves a little magic and a magician is great entertainment for everyone, young and old! It’s a god idea for your magician to move around the tables entertaining guests with simple card tricks etc… during the evening.

Wine Tasting/Cocktail Making

Set up a bar area for some wine tasting, or why not let your guests create their own fruity cocktail and add a gorgeous splash of colour!


Chef Stations

If you’re veering away from a traditional sit down meal, interactive chef stations are a really cool concept which we think we’ll see more of in the coming year! They literally have a chef at the station (stir fry, omlettes etc.) and your guests go up and order a personalised dish of your choice!

Hire A Cartoonist

Nothing is more fun than having a caricature of yourself to remember your wedding day.  This can be a fun and entertaining activity for your guests to participate in!

Play Games

Why not have a few board games or packs of cards strategically placed around with handmade signs displayed encouraging guests to play them! If you have access to an outdoor space, or are getting married outdoors, think about having some lawn games such as croquet.


If you’re planning something different to the above ideas, do let us know!

Carol x

Image Credits (where known) – Vibetown photo by Chris Harvey, Photo Bunting and Jenga photos by Tony Jones.

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