Engagement Rings With Stunning Simplicity

So your fiancée has proposed, you’ve accepted and you’re both off to choose an engagement ring…

A little knowledge about what to look for can take you a long way, and so it’s really worth doing your research before you buy! As with all wedding related items, less can often be more, so when choosing an engagement ring it’s often wise to choose a classic engagement ring which is timeless and truly elegant!

Engagement Rings With Stunning Simplicity

Here’s our Aspirational Bride guide to help you make that all important stunning and symbolic purchase…

Band Colour

The majority of engagement rings are crafted from gold, silver, or platinum. Gold comes in slightly varying shades from yellow-orange through to white gold, a metal which has a gleaming silver appearance and will need to be re-plated from time to time. Platinum is extremely hard, strong and naturally silvery  – it’s a hugely popular choice with the contemporary bride and works well with a classic, timeless design…


Robert Gatward Dahlia Engagement Ring


Choose the right setting and gemstone. The setting refers to the piece that holds the gemstone in place, which is attached to the band. In simple terms the setting can be ‘pronged’ or ‘invisible’…


Robert Gatward Hyacinth Engagement Ring



The gemstone is the feature piece of the ring, usually a diamond. The quality of your diamond is determined by the 4 C’s –  carat, colour, clarity and cut. Ask your jeweller if you have any questions about the 4 C’s of your chosen design, they are always incredibly helpful!


Robert Gatward Daisy Engagement Ring



We’ve already established that less is more, and design is everything! Do also consider the durability of the band and the practicality of your chosen design too. The higher the positioning of the gemstone on the ring, the easier it is for it to get caught on clothes, hair, etc. If you lead an active life you’ll need to consider a ring which can cope with the wear and tear of constant activities.


Robert Gatward Acacia Engagement Ring



Choose a reputable jeweller, ask for a certificate of authenticity and a warranty to accompany the ring, and make sure you insure it too!

Happy shopping!

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