Engagement Ring Trends 2015

As one of the most important and defining pieces of jewellery a woman can own, the engagement ring has to be perfect. And whilst it is a piece of jewellery that should reflect the woman wearing it, that doesn’t mean that it is immune to the influence of trends.

Whether it’s a trend-setting celebrity or a certain style that has captured the hearts of lovers everywhere, engagement ring trends change from year to year.


Engagement Ring Trends 2015

Coloured Stones

The classic white diamond will never go out of fashion for engagement rings, but recently there has been a surge of interest in other gemstones and coloured diamonds. It started with Kate Middleton’s sapphire and grew from there, with brides opting for emeralds and pink sapphires too. Coloured diamonds are also beautiful, with yellow, pink and champagne colours being the most popular. If you want an engagement ring that’s a little bit different and won’t blend in with the crowd, then this trend is the one for you.

Rose and Yellow Gold

If you want something with colour but you don’t want something as loud as a coloured gemstone, then think about a different metal instead. In recent years, platinum and white gold has been all the rage, but the reign of the silver ring is less prominent now. Rose gold is much warmer and more romantic than colder silver. Yellow gold, too is making a comeback for its traditional feel and to complement the overall trend of yellow gold jewellery.


God is in the Detail

Whilst big and flashy rings are ever popular with those who aren’t particular bothered about the use of their left hand, it’s the little details that really set beautiful rings apart from flashy ones. If you want a ring that will surprise and delight the wearer, then go with small details like a sweet engraving on the inside of the band or pavé diamonds around the setting.

Different Shapes

The round brilliant and princess cuts will never go out of fashion, but recently more unusual cuts are becoming increasingly popular. Everything from classy pear cuts to overly-romantic heart shaped diamonds, choose a different shape from the norm for a girl who doesn’t want to blend in in a crowd. Baguettes are proving particularly popular, with their rectangular shape and step facets making for a stunningly beautiful engagement ring that will get conversations started.

Whichever the engagement ring trends 2015 you opt for, just make sure it’s a trend you’ll love for many years to come!

Happy hunting!

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