Destination Wedding Photography

Kevin Wood, a destination wedding photographer and member of our exclusive Little White Wedding Directory, shares some expert tips on how to make the most of your destination wedding and your destination wedding photography.

Destination Wedding Photography: A wedding photographers’ perspective…

There aren’t  many jobs that give you such privileged access to fantastic venues and heavenly locations… and one of the biggest days of people’s lives.

Being a Destination Wedding Photographer does just that, and without exception each destination wedding and pre-wedding event that I’ve had the privilege to photograph has been romantic, fun and beautiful. I would love to share with you why that is, and what you can do to make the most of your own destination wedding…

Destination Wedding Photography

Let There Be Light

Mastering light is one of the most important skills for a photographer and I love the light in many overseas destinations, from ‘midnight sun’ in Scandinavia, early morning shadows in Paris and the soft light of a Mediterranean evening, light in all its forms is amazing, and helps to create mood and emotion in any shot.


One of my favourite evening locations is Florence, Italy. Up on Piazzale Michelangelo the colours are amazing. The city is bathed in deep ochre hues, before being transformed into a silhouette of itself by the deepening blue of the evening spreading across the sky.


Everything and everyone looks amazing at this time of day; it’s a perfect time for a very romantic photo shoot.

Renaissance Man

I often work in France and Italy for Destination Weddings. The venues that I work in are jaw dropping. I often feel as though I have been dropped into a Renaissance scene; and the venue staff are more than used to managing weddings, from an intimate ‘a deux’ wedding to a lavish banquet for 300 of your closest friends.


One of my favourites is La Suvera in Tuscany where my wife and I also retook our vows some years ago.



Listen to venue expertise as part of your research for your day but don’t always feel obliged to sign up to a ‘package’ that includes all suppliers. From a photography perspective I always say choose what suits you, your style, and the vision of what you want your images to be; and be confident that your photographer knows how to work in any environment.


Secondly, think carefully about how the location will fit that vision. If you really want to be photographed surrounded by acres of glorious landscape and cossetted by grand antique laden interiors, then an ultra-modern setting by a beach is unlikely to be right for you!


Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot…

The heat (or indeed the cold) can be extreme in Destination Wedding locations. Over and above any health considerations that you may need to make, the weather changes how your skin looks and reacts, and ultimately how you look. If you want to look amazing for you photographs and not have to worry about what your hair or skin is doing, keep it simple.



Use an expert make-up and hair stylist who knows how to manage the weather conditions for skin and hair. Even the best photographers would find it difficult or time consuming to repair an ‘up do’ that’s fallen down, or running greasy make up!

Something interesting I came across recently was advice to avoid SPF creams with zinc if your photographer intends using flash. It can make your skin look very pale. If you need one with zinc let your photographer know.


Keep hydrated in high heat, as you want to have images of love and fun! Dehydrate and it is quite easy to faint… Not a good look!

And a little bit of romance to finish on…..

As I listen to the song of the cicadas (as the heat rises so does their song) I am reminded of the story allegedly behind their song; in Greek mythology the Titan dawn goddess Eos fell in love with a beautiful prince, Cicada. Zeus helped to make her prince immortal but forgot to grant him eternal youth and so the prince aged but maintained his powerful voice and it is said that sound of the Cicadas today is the voice of her prince….



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