Designing Your Wedding Cake

Following on from her wonderful post on wedding cake trends, we’re delighted to introduce the next post (with lots of useful tips on cake design!) from the lovely Jaclyn of Ivory and Rose… Over to Jaclyn…

Today we are talking about choosing your wedding cake design.

Now that you know what your vision is, what delicious flavours you want and how much cake you are going to need, we can talk about the good stuff – the design of your cake!

Designing Your Wedding Cake

This has to be the best part of choosing your wedding cake. Why? It says so much about you as a couple, and is a continuation for your guest’s experience of your great taste on the day.


It might seem obvious but keep in mind the overall day’s appearance when choosing your wedding cake. It can be easy to get carried away with the gorgeous cakes seen in wedding magazines, but those cakes might not fit well with your venue or the style of day you are trying to create.

My advice is to let your designer guide you through the process. How do you go about doing this?

Have a read through the seven things to consider before meeting with your designer…

designing-your-wedding-cake What style of wedding day are you having? Is it feminine, rustic, classical or a themed day? This is great starting point to get your creative juices flowing!

Is there an element you would like to include in the cake? Be it the venue, invitation, wedding dress, flower bouquets or colour pallet. These are all great ways to blend the cake in with the aesthetic of the day.

Do you want clean sharp lines cake or something a little more rustic? There are a few types of coverings for the cake and knowing if you like fondant, or are happy with rustic in the form of butter cream, will help steer you in the right direction. Note: not all butter cream cakes can take intricate details & design.

Do you want your cake to literally tell your story – with small figurines? There are so many different types of cake decorators today that some can create some incredible cakes and can tell your love story in cake.

Research (via Pinterest or Google) different cake designs that you love and take them along to the consultation. Your designer can mix them up and create something original for you.

When researching your cake maker, make sure they can give you examples of what they can do. Not all cake makers can make all cake designs.

If you know that you want the cake to include an element of your day, try and decide on these before having your consultation as this will help the two of you design the cake to blend well with the overall day.

Remember it is your wedding – don’t be afraid to go against tradition when designing your wedding cake.


Finally my last piece of advice is to not forget about the cake table. If you are having a clean simple cake, jazz it up with cake stands, fresh flowers or intricate items. Or if it is a very detailed cake, keep the table simple so as to not distract from the detail on the cake.

Next time I’ll be talking about your wedding cake budget and how to go about setting it!

If you have any wedding cake design questions just pop me an email or leave a comment below.

Till next time,

 Jacs x

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Design Image – Jaclyn of Ivory and Rose

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  1. Linus Moran says:

    Its always great to see personal touches reflecting both the time and thought that has gone into any wedding. The cake is a major centre piece that can perfectly reflect and bring together various aspects from both the Bride & Groom. Great article to get the inspirations flowing !

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