Dare To Bare : Wedding Cake Without Fondant Icing

Today on Aspirational Bride we ‘dare to bare’ as we discuss the merits of wedding cake without fondant icing!! Fondant icing is traditionally used on wedding cakes, and it’s not difficult to understand why… It looks brilliant, has limitless possibilities for creativity and decoration, stays fresh for ages and photographs extremely well, as this Peggy Porshen wedding cake illustrates beautifully!

Aspirational Bride wedding cake ideas

Having said that, icing is not wholly popular with everyone, and at Aspirational Bride we have been known to pick some of it off and just eat the delicious cake underneath!

So, if you’re planning on ordering your wedding cake and you don’t want to have a fondant finish, what are your options? Here are a few suggestions…

Dare To Bare!

One obvious solution is to dare to bare and opt for a wedding cake with no covering, just a simple quality sponge loaded with fresh fruit – a stunning and much healthier alternative!

Aspirational Bride

Opt For Chocolate!

If you don’t feel comfortable with no cake covering at all then look at the possibilities of using dark or white chocolate ganache for a gorgeous rich cake covering. We loved these two chocolate cakes from Charley’s Bakery and Maki’s Cakes!

Aspirational Bride wedding without fondant icing

Go For Buttercream!

Buttercream is another alternative and, if applied carefully, can give a smooth fondant like finish to your wedding cake.

Aspirational Bride wedding without fondant icing


Meringue Frosting Anyone?

Another alternative is much less well known but very popular in the States, and that’s a meringue frosting. It is lighter than buttercream but gives a similar effect, such as this Chrysanthemum Wedding Cake with clusters of spiky “petals” of soft meringue from Martha Stewart Weddings.

Aspirational Bride wedding cake without fondant icing

 There are countless  possibilities when it comes to decorating your wedding cake, and they don’t all have to involve fondant icing – so, would you ‘dare to bare’?

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