Dani Crawshaw Illustrations – Wedding and Engagement Story Books

Dani CrawshawAt Aspirational Bride we’re always happy to champion British talent, and today we feature the talented illustrator Dani Crawshaw… Dani makes customised story books – perfect for any occasion, especially weddings! We asked Dani a few questions about herself and her work, here’s what she had to say…

Dani Crawshaw Illustrations – Wedding and Engagement Story Books

Where does your inspiration come from?

The inspiration to create the customised books comes from the fact that I love to draw, I always have done in my spare time – creating funny stories with illustrations for friends and family (which look like them) – which has always gone down well.   I’ve been a broadcast Journalist since 2003 but last year I decided to try and do this for a living – and here I am.  The inspiration for each individual book comes from each couple – the story of how they met is always so personal and different.

Can you share with us some examples of your work?

The most recent book I did was ‘Kate and Tom’ – from the Maid of Honour to the bride and groom.  I like to get a client to tell me lots of stories about the couple and details about the wedding day (location, date etc).  That way I can include all of these things, which makes the book really personal:

Wedding and Engagement Storybook

One story she told me was about their first date (the couple worked together and had been friends for a while) and how Kate (the bride) was nervous and spilt red wine all over Tom (the groom).  So here’s what I came up with:

Wedding and Engagement Story Books

And I always like to end on a picture of the happy day:

Wedding and Engagement Story Books

And here’s the bride’s reaction to the book:

 “Thank you so, so much for my wonderful, amazing and brilliant book – I was completely overwhelmed.  The tone is perfect, both funny and moving, and the illustrations are scarily accurate depictions of us.  I cannot recommend your books highly enough and encourage anyone who is thinking of getting one to go for it!”


What has been the most unusual commission you have been asked to work on?

For me  it’s more the details a client asks me to include.  One time a client asked me to put in the fact that the bride had told her fiance was amazing in bed.  I wanted it to have the right tone.  Here’s what I ended up with:


“He made you feel special all the time – not once in a while,

 You did lots of things together – made each other smile.

 And then you told me what he was like in the sack,

 (I won’t put this here in case I give some readers a heart attack).”

What prompted you to set up Dani Crawshaw Illustrations?

My aspirations to do something I love.

How would you approach designing a book as a gift for a couple getting married?

As well as asking for lots of stories about how the couple met and how they got engaged (so I’ve got lots of information to make the story as personal as it can be ) I ask for photos of them, so I have something to base the illustrations on.  The book can of course include friends and family too.  A recent one I did to the bride from her best friend included their story from when they were younger and used to talk about boys.

When I’ve got lots of info I go away and write the story (which I try to give the right amount of humour) and start illustrating.  This takes me a week – and I can update a client as much as they want as to how it’s going – to make sure they’re happy with the work.   I also ask that they send me their personal message  to the couple – to be put at the start of the book.

There’s also a belongs to page which has the couple’s names on it.  When the 16 pages are done – and the front cover – I send it off to be printed.  It takes a week for the A4 hardback customised book be put together – and it’s incredibly exciting when it arrives in the post!

Dani Crawshaw illustrations – http://www.danicrawshawillustrations.com/

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