Confetti Crush!

OK, the time has come to confess… at Aspirational Bride we are ever so slightly obsessed with confetti!

There are lots of lovely customs surrounding weddings but surely throwing confetti has to be one of the nicest, especially if it is beautiful, natural and biodegradable! Somehow it seems to represent perfectly the fun and happiness of a special wedding celebration, involving family and friends.

Bespoke Confetti

The tradition of throwing confetti originates from the Pagan rite of literally showering a couple with grains or rice to wish them a fruitful (as in fertile!) union.

Jess_and_Salvie_427_DanWardPhotographyThe custom of throwing sweets (‘confetti’ in Italian) as a couple left the church became ever more popular together with raisins, rice, nuts and flower petals.

The use of real fragrant flowers as confetti reverts back to our less sweet smelling days, and the recent advent of real petals, biodegradable and pretty, have revitalised the tradition as it was meant to be.

Confetti Crush

Our good friends at Bespoke Confetti use natural biodegradable petal confetti. The petals are natural larkspur, cornflower and bougainvillea, grown to organic standard without the use of pesticide or other chemical. They are hand picked and dried using all that nature provides. Nothing is added, and nothing is taken away, they are a true representation of confetti in its most natural state.

Bespoke Confetti works perfectly for stain free fun, and looks lovely when scattered to make a traditional petal carpet!

petal path natural biodegradable  confetti

They also have lots of lovely ideas for using baskets, trugs and cones to store and display your confetti on your special day!


Images from an autumn wedding held in Cornwall last year of Jess & Salvie, held at Gwithian Parish Church.

Photography by Dan Ward, confetti by Bespoke Confetti. Cones using laser cut square doilies with a blend of pastel larkspur and cornflower. Lych gate petal path with salmon and light pink bougainvillea – BEAUTIFUL!

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