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Yesterday we shared a gorgeous Austrian snowy Alpine wedding, shot by the fabulous Claire Morgan of Claire Morgan Photography, Vienna. It was the perfect start to an Austrian week on Aspirational Bride!  Today we meet and interview Claire, a Vienna based photographer.. Here’s what she had to say…

Who or what inspires you the most?

I try not to surround myself with too much wedding photography, and instead follow and get inspired by other creative types of photography – often fashion or other fine art photographers such as Miss Aniela or Brooke Sheldon.

claire morgan

As a well travelled photographer, describe one of the best wedding locations you have photographed  and one location you’d love to photograph a wedding at…

One of the best wedding locations I have photographed would be the Seychelles – wonderful light and locations for superb imagery. A country I would love to photograph a wedding in… Iceland.

claire morgan

Can you share your most treasured photograph with us and tell us why?

This photo was taken at a Jewish wedding of a couple who have now become friends of ours. It was a very special moment when the groom sees the bride for the first time (usually after a week) and covers her with her veil. Both mothers stay with her and she reads prayers as the groom heads out to the chuppah to wait for her arrival. It was such a beautiful moment.


How would you define your style of wedding photography and what makes you stand out as a photographer?

I would define my style as fine art storytelling.  Storytelling in the sense that I always try to create a story with my images – like a photo- journalist. However the style of the pictures have more of a fine art touch. I try to be as creative as possible when shooting as well as in the editing phase. claire morgan

Tell us about how you got started in photography? And what was the defining moment(s) where you knew this was what you were meant to do?

I started photography at a very young age, as far as I can remember it has been a part of my life. I was always known to be with a camera. It was only in my early twenties when friends would mention that I had a good eye and should take a photography course  that I started to think about it more than just a hobby. I did a few courses when I lived in Paris and from that moment on I knew it was what I wanted to do professionally. It was only years later that I started getting into wedding photography when I was asked to work as an assistant for a wedding photography company.

claire morgan

Briefly describe a typical day when you’re shooting a wedding…

I arrive at where the bride is getting ready about 30 minutes before I am due to start. That way I can chat a bit with everyone in the room and scout around for locations to do my prep shots. I like to take my time with details – the shoes, dress, jewellery etc…  and in between want to capture moments of the bride having her make-up and hair done through the different stages.  If the groom is nearby I usually pop over to him a couple of times and see what he is up to. Groom’s generally don’t need much time to get dressed so its fun to get some shots of him hanging out with his groomsmen.

I will then head to the ceremony about 20 minutes before its due to start to get the guests arriving and photograph any details in the church. Then there is the ceremony, exit and congratulation period. This is also a good time to do any family formals while everyone is together in one place.  The guests then usually head to the reception cocktail hour and I get some alone time with the bride and groom for portraits. The locations are often arranged beforehand during the meeting and I scout before the wedding.

Then there is usually about an hour cocktail reception when I head into the reception hall for detail and deco shots before the guests are seated. Then you have the entrance, speeches and dinner during which I capture candid moments of the guests between the courses and speeches.  The cake and first dance are then photographed accordingly and then I usually stay about 2 hours into the party.

Editor’s Note

If you would like to find out more about Claire and see further examples of her work please visit her website.

Carol x

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