Choosing an Engagement Ring Which Won’t Go Out of Fashion

In the wedding industry, trends come and go each year and can quickly become outdated in just a matter of months. The engagement ring is an essential part of the process and is a sentimental piece which is meant to be worn for a lifetime. Although it’s important to stay current with the latest looks, your ring should have a classic style which won’t look old fashioned in a few decades.

Choosing an Engagement Ring Which Won’t Go Out of Fashion

To choose an engagement ring which will maintain its level of appeal, there are a few rules to follow before finding the perfect one!

Opt for Simplicity

The more details which are created on a ring, the more likely it is to look dated in the near future. Opt for simplicity with a piece which will maintain its classic style in future years. Consider choosing a slender band which will create a delicate and classy look on the bride-to-be’s finger. A popular style that has been seen over past decades is a solitaire set with a round diamond, according to


If you’re proposing to a woman who likes variety and a little bit of detail with her jewellery, consider a three-stone ring for an elegant choice. This has been a popular look for several decades… The style is still current and will continue to maintain its appeal with such a gorgeous design. You can have a dominant larger diamond in the middle with smaller stones on either side or even three diamonds which are all uniform.


Stick with Diamonds

Although more people are currently trying to be creative with their engagement ring choice by picking alternative colourful gems, diamonds remain a timeless fixture as a stone which will always look upmarket. Stick to using diamonds which have traditional cuts, such as a princess cut, pear, and emerald cut. These can all be found at quality jewellery retailers similar to the Portfolio of Fine Diamonds.

Consider Platinum

When choosing a specific type of metal for the engagement ring, platinum is considered the most durable metal as it will maintain its quality after several decades. This metal is a more expensive option, but offers a gorgeous look that will not look ‘worn down’ with frequent use. Yellow gold is another popular choice that is less expensive, but is still prone to wear and can become scuffed with time. Although rose gold is currently on trend and is increasing in popularity, it will most likely look outdated in the coming years.

The type of metal used on the engagement ring also depends on the wedding ring that the groom will wear. Many couples prefer to have matching bands that are similar in design and style for a romantic pairing that can be passed down as a family heirloom.

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