Chignon Style Hair – Top Tops To Achieve Your Perfect Chignon

Chignon Style Hair – Top Tops To Achieve Your Perfect Chignon –

Today we’re taking some French inspiration as we look at Chignon style hair.

The word “chignon” comes from the French phrase “chignon du cou,” which means nape of the neck.We tend to refer to the chignon as a ‘bun’ which can be worn at the nape of the neck or to either side. This is a hugely elegant and popular style for brides, it also allows for some flexibility as hair is curled into a knot and pinned in place in either a loose or tight chignon with a side parting from the front, sometimes with a soft fringe or pieces of hair left loose to frame the face.

When deciding upon your preferred style of chignon, you therefore need to consider the following:

  • The position of the chignon – central or to the side…
  • The degree to which your chignon will be tight and sleek, or loose and soft…
  • Whether you will have soft hair framing your face, or pinned back neatly…

To see the general effect you want to achieve, try the following:

  • Begin with clean, dry and tangle-free hair. It can be easier to straighten wavy or curly hair when practising for a smoother look. Work a little mousse through your hair and tame flyaway hair with anti-frizz serum before practising your chignon.
  • Brush your hair into a low ponytail. Shorter side layers can be pinned back with jeweled hair pins or a head band. Get a firm grip around the base of the ponytail and use your other hand to twist the tail into a tight spiral.
  • Hold the base of the ponytail with one hand, then lift the tail up with the other. Begin to coil it clockwise around the base. When you’ve made half of a circle, release the hand holding the base and use it to hold the forming chignon as you continue to coil the tail.
  • Complete one rotation – a little more if you have longer hair – then tuck the end of the tail under the chignon. If your hair is long enough, you might be able to push the tail through the bun and make a knot.
  • Secure the chignon using a few prong-shaped pins or a hair stick. Push one pin through any outside edge, collecting a small amount of the chignon as you make the insertion.
  • Secure the opposite side with a second pin. If you’re using a hair stick, push the tip up through the right corner of your chignon, so that a thin flat layer rests on top of the stick. Rotate the stick 180 degrees and push it gently through the base of the bun. As the stick begins to emerge, hook a small amount of hair on the underside of the left corner, then centre the stick.

Above all talk to your hair stylist as s/he will be able to advise you as to what style will suit you best according to the shape of your face, the style and neckline of your wedding dress, and how comfotable you feel with either a formal chignon or a much looser style.

The good news is that chignons are always beautifully elegant and there is a style to suit everyone…



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