Bridal Make-Up Tips| Primer and Foundation

Bridal Make-Up Tips | Primer and Foundation –

For this post we’re looking at bridal make-up tips for using primer and SPF foundation – a very important part of make-up, and if you get it right it can make all the difference to the perfect look!

tips for applying fondation

The secret to perfect foundation is to use a primer:

Benefits of Using Primer

1. It protects the skin from foundation getting into pores, creases and lines.

2. Primer keeps your make-up in place until you remove it.

3. Foundation and make-up is applied easier as it glides on for a better finish.


Foundation needs to match your skin exactly, whether it’s liquid or mineral powder, you will need to find out which is your colour match. Find good daylight near a window (away from artificial lighting) and apply a line of foundation to your cheek, if you can see it then it’s not the right one, it needs to be invisible, yes that’s right, not seen.. not there.. and definitely not orange!

The point of foundation is to make your skin look flawless, as if you have naturally perfect skin..


Apply primer after moisturiser, taking into account your skin type. Put a little foundation onto the back of your hand, then using a flat foundation brush take a little foundation from your hand and apply thinly from the centre of your face outward. This needs to be blended with a dry duo brush or sponge. If you go to the edges of your face then don’t forget to blend under your chin and down your neck from under your jaw.

tips for using primer and foundation

Then add concealer… I will tell you all about that in my next blog…

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